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Since featuring on BBC Music’s Introducing in Manchester, it’s clear that New Luna are hitting the ground running. The last time we met they were embarking on their first tour, playing gigs in the cities around the country. Since then New Luna, comprised of Tom Deedigan, Zack Bamber, Toby Duncan and Nathan Gray, have released the first track in a line-up of monthly releases for 2019. 

Titled Red the track incorporates a rawness to their music, demonstrating their musical evolution. Created a few years ago, the track was only played at live shows. Tom Deedigan who wrote the track stated, “It’s about two or three years old. I wrote the basics of the song and brought it to the band and they liked it a lot and a lot of our friends feel its one of their favourites. The sound is a little bit like, I don’t want to say grunge-y, but somewhere towards that.”

New Luna – Knew Too [live at HQ Studio]

New Luna perform Knew Too in a live acoustic session at HQ Recording Studio, Strangeways, Manchester, featuring Rachel Horton-Kitchlew on harp.Video produced by Conor Deedigan at Source Material MediaTickets on sale now: New Luna live at Gullivers, Manchester 01/03/19

Posted by New Luna on Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Production is something the band have focused on recently, as well as their online presence and communicating with their ever-growing fan base that the tour cultivated.

ZB: “We spent the last year trying control our own production with Tommy doing an internship that helped with the technical side and now we’ve been more and more involved in it to the point where, having just released our new track Red, we’ve done it ourselves and we want to do that going forward as well.”

TD: “We’ve even started printing our own T-shirts, it’s quite cool we’re getting back into it again and spent a lot of time getting good at recording and that sort of stuff.”

Touring was one of the things that allowed New Luna to see the fans in person, and amongst the many memorable moments, the fans were what stood out to the band and not just because they liked the T-shirts.

Nathan Gray: “I think the people make it more than anything, more than the venue. Those places that we went to were really friendly and open. They’re always like ‘come down!’ or ‘we’ll get you headlining the next show’ they’re just really nice people.”

When they’re not touring or rehearsing you can usually find New Luna at their usual haunt, Gullivers in the Northern Quarter. 

TD: “I don’t think I’ve ever played a gig there that was bad. Anytime I see a gig there, they’re always really good.” 

ZB: “It’s in the perfect place and the right size for us at the moment, obviously you want a room to be full but you also want it to feel like it’s a gathering. We just happened to have played a lot of shows where we felt like we played really well.”  

TD: “It’s our home turf.”

For 2019 you can expect the release of a huge catalogue of new music that the band have been working on.

ZB: “We’re at a point now where we’re still writing a lot because we have two songwriters in the band but we’re moving faster than our recordings can keep up.” 

TD: “We kind of want to chuck them all out now.”

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