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The queens of the modern day disco revival Ekkah have hit us with newest track Just A Thing, a certified heartbreaking, hypnotic dance floor filler doused in flirtatious funk just in time to rescue any kind of valentines disaster. Of course, the track has that distinctive sparkling synth sound that Ekkah so flawlessly fixate but this time it develops into a millennial pop classic with a slapped bass sound worthy of featuring on a Grandmaster Flash mix. 


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Shot something very nice yesterday, watch this space…

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Just A Thing follows behind the bands latest release Homesick that retains that tight, indie disco sound. Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson have once again established themselves again as the hottest stars on the newly inviting sequin laden skyline. The track explores the expectations we have in love. It tells us It’s okay not to fall in love and to love yourself before anything else, a stern message that preempts anything too overwhelming.

Their glittering, hopeful music is so desperately needed during these bleak early months of the year in which we’re all lacking our high levels of vitamin D and kicking ourselves for not sticking to that new years resolution that tried to stop us gathering an abundance of fridge cheese. Just A Thing is the glimmer of hope and boogie inducing spring-time song that paints a glowing smile across your face and depicts that bit of sunlight we’ve all been craving. Ekkah are that friend you need that grabs you by the hand and drags you to the pub for a few beers and some Friday night karaoke and there is no doubt that Just A Thing will be your next drunken slur into the microphone.

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