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LIVE: Sam Rabin @ Fuel


Describing himself as a ‘shouty Leonard Cohen’ the genre of his inspiration – folk-punk – does not do Sam Rabin any slight justice. Drawing musical aesthetic and dialogue from the likes of Jamie T and The Streets with their authentic, gritty, British edge the coin is flipped as his lyrics come from a softer side – think Lana Del Rey and Bill Ryder-Jones. Sam’s raw punk energy but poetic complex verses, makes for an interesting juxtaposition. Playing upstairs at Greater Manchester’s quirky haunt in Withington – Fuel – he literally, brought the roof down.

Support acts came from A Finch & The Forest and Bebeluna; acts curated and chosen by Sam for their own uniqueness and newcomer stance. Bebeluna is a queer femme producer, rapper, singer and musician from London who combines lo-fi, hip-hop and ambient trap. Immersing the audience in sonic energy with feminist lyrics, she was the ideal warm-up, marking a political stamp on the evening from the very beginning.

A Finch & The Forest are an upcoming hip-hop grime influenced duo. Using chill, lo-fi ambient beats and drawing inspiration from London nightlife, they brought us back down to earth – but by no means in a dull manner, instead, they transfixed the room – ahead of Rabin’s entrance.


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Look it’s the next Jamie T go check him out now

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Opening the set with an acapella rendition of a poem he’s written, there was little left to the imagination. Themes of time, nostalgia and FOMO (fear of missing out) were on the cards and all too relatable they were. Although still quite under-the-radar, Sam’s tracks were recognised by his favourable audience in the packed-out venue. A highlight of the set came from ‘Top Button Nostalgia’: lively and chaotic but with great vocal control, it was a sight to behold, showing Rabin’s range and aspirations.

We weren’t kidding when we mentioned the roof. Sam’s impressive set was brought to a close (fortunately with only one song left) due to the ceiling of the terraced Victorian venue falling through downstairs, and the upper floor being evacuated. Was it the building’s own sighs at the relatability of Sam’s themes or was it the 20th-century infrastructure?

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PREVIEW: Mold & POSA @ Fuel

What’s better than one DIY promoter? We’re about to tell you. This August sees the union of TWO like-minded event organisers Dentcha and Do Your Best presenting a UK tour to remember, with each date promising a concoction of aesthetically-moulded events in a gig-swap manner. Captioned “music to lose your wallet to”, the five-date tour will see the experimental Manchester-based outfit Mold and London-based POSA at the helm, with gigs and local supports across dates in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton before finishing at Liverpool’s notorious The Jacaranda Club.

POSA taken by Through The Eyes Of Ruby

Speaking of their promotional network, Dentcha founder Shane Dickinson has mentioned that they’re setting their sights high: “We want to open up a network of promoters that actually have a passion for it – rather than just money-grabbers.” With talks with Do Your Best now in fruition, there are further plans to spread their DIY ethos & movement across Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool (and pretty much anywhere else that will take them from there). We have every faith that – hopefully – their movement will catch on, and gone will be the days of “they don’t have the right image for this lineup/venue/festival” *delete as appropriate*.

Mold taken by Through The Eyes Of Ruby

For the Manchester leg of the tour Mold and POSA take to Withington’s Fuel Cafe Bar with comrades The Starlight Magic Hour, with more acts yet to be announced ahead of the date. One thing that has been important for both promoters is securing the right booking on their unique lineups – each act captures an air of something new about them; something unheard of, something unearthly.

Having been in attendance at one of Dentcha’s previous events, there’s a clear artistic influence as music seems to be just one component to the running of the night. Dentcha’s synonymous Chattering teeth and Bogzart‘s one-eyed creatures have been strewn across their (so far) three events. Take the modestly sized – yet feverishly keen – Fuel, and picture Mold’s slurring vocals with faces plastered in garish makeup. Then add POSA’s erratic, dysfunctional/functional punk-performance and top off with the unapologetically chaotic-lure of The Starlight Magic Hour, and you have the Saturday 4th August’s Northern installment of the Dentcha x Do Your Best collaboration. It’s going to be pretty nuts, and we’re quite sure you won’t have been to anything quite like it.

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