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SINGLE RELEASE: Honeyblood – ‘The Third Degree’


Honeyblood is back once again with The Third Degree, the blues-heavy, punk-inspired, grunge rock single taken from upcoming album; In Plain Sight, due to release 24th May this year.

The Glaswegian singer and songwriter, Stina Tweeddale, formed Honeyblood in 2012 as a duo along with guitarist Shona McVicar, whom left and was later replaced by Cat Myers. After signing an exclusive recording contract with Marathon Artists, a London-based independent record label, in 2019, the band announced that they would release their third studio album. The Third Degree is the first single release from the same album; a bluesy, post-punk piece somehow incorporating a 1960s wall of sound.

Deep and heavy, live kick drums introduce the song to the listener as if The Third Degree, was somehow produced by Jimmy Bowen of Phil Spector for a band like The Blossoms or The Ronettes in the early ‘60s. The whole song has such an analogue feel to it, as though nothing digital was used to engineer it. It sounds like the whole thing was recorded on an old reel-to-reel Akai recorder and sent through some archaic multitrack mixer from Chuck Berry’s basement. Conversely, the lyricism and tone of the vocals throughout the song are quite evidently influenced by the punk era. There’s a level of angst in the singer’s voice that neatly contrasts with this ‘60s production and arrangement giving the whole song the post-punk element that Honeyblood has crafted over the years.

The mastering and sound maximisation for this track is awesome. The whole thing pops out of the speakers while leaving room for every sound made available without upsetting or taking away from any other layer. Each instrument resides within its own shelf or frequency perfectly, something I rarely hear from even the most commercially produced musicians. The Third Degree, is such a great track. Showcasing some fantastic production work and instrumentation, great use of the traditional rock and roll sounds and then it is very cleverly topped off with a touch of punk. Lovely.

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UPCOMING: Manchester Psych Festival

Words by Hannah Tinker

With a fleet of acclaimed bands from across the UK surfacing next month for Manchester Psych Festival, the kaleidoscope twists for the sixth installment of this inaugural, enticing event. Originally set at Night & Day Cafe in 2014, consecutive versions of the festival expanded to Aatma, Soup Kitchen and Band On The Wall with an almost sold out event last year. With their growth, the reach of Manchester Psych Festival has spread too and this edition of the visual feast takes over Night & Day Cafe, Soup Kitchen, Band On The Wall and one of the city’s newest venues: Peer Hat. Set to add a hive of activity to the already bustling Northern Quarter scene, Saturday 1st September sees The Wytches, Mold, Meatraffle and many more acts who come with a unanimous penchant for presenting a spectacle and leaving an audience with a dilated perspective.

pink kink at Manchester Psych Festival 2017

The lineup for 2018 captures all different levels of artistic success and celebrates what should be the norm – as festival organisers recently agreed to contain a lineup that showcases and engages the female audience on an equal platform to that of their male counterparts. To meet this, this years Manchester Psych Festival lineup contains the likes of Glaswegian garage-rock duo and all-female Honeyblood, 3/4 female punk-pop matadors She Drew The Gun, low-fi, female-fronted punksters The Cosmics and other lucrative female-led acts. As well as the musical lineup, Manchester Psych Fest is known for tempting the eye and manifesting the work of local talented artists for the visibly psychedelic event; this year having visual aspects from the minds of artists Louise Rivett, Natalie Wardle and Jane Bowyer.

Using their previous lineups as any guide to go by, Manchester Psych Festival is sure to be anything but ordinary – with the only downside being you’re unable to be in four venues at once – previous acts have included Telegram, Crocodiles, Flamingods, The Lucid Dream, Deja Vega, Menace Beach and many more equally feted acts. Ones to watch this year are the headlining slot – Honeyblood, who are the engaging rockers from across the Scottish border, lauded as the pair set to spearhead the rock genre forward, catching the attention of a new generation with their recently released second album Babes Never Die.

Alongside the arts, there will be a selection of food stalls sourced from local traders so you’re just a pair of wellies and bucket hat away from your classic festival field. The day of praise for the Arts doesn’t die down when it hits dusk, with DJs including The Beat Chics and Panda Palm of Me Gusta taking Manchester Psych Festival deep into the early hours of Sunday 2nd September. The sixth installment of our city’s psych celebration sees a collaboration between the vibrant art world and eclectic music scene.

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