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Having just landed their second studio album ‘For Now’, the DMA’s are surfing the wave with accolades pouring in from any source that hears the soulful Brit-pop enrapture of the Australian trio. The first gig the band played in Manchester was whilst the band were still relatively unknown – “there were about ten people at Night & Day Cafe” which then built up into performances at The Ruby Lounge, followed by The Ritz –  an architectural upgrade alongside their tangible one. With the second night of their 2018 headline UK tour being at Manchester Academy – the biggest capacity venue DMA’s have yet played – we caught up with band member Jonny Took for the inspiration behind the DMA’s and the top tracks that inspire what they do.

What music do you listen to that’s influenced the new album?

JT: I’ve been listening to a lot of Air. I was listening to a lot of them whilst we were making the record so there’s the influence of a lot of their synth sounds on there. Always listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain. Actually the Cocteau Twins and Lush. A lot of music from that era. We’re very 90’s, but with more of a synth-heavy sound because I’ve just recently changed that DAW that we use, we’re now using Ableton which is a lot more prone to dance music – and a lot more fun.

What are your top tracks and why have they inspired you all?

JT: Tommy’s is definitely Bob Dylan – ‘Isis’. One thing Tommy always says – that I agree with – is that everyone always talks about the lyrics of Bob Dylan but he always had these really unique melodies. People don’t talk about that often. Mine is ‘#9 Dream’ by John Lennon – which is undeniable. For Mason it’s ‘The Clock’ by The Go-Betweens. It’s on the album The Friends of Rachel Worth – definitely a good one.

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Is there any other direction that your music is going in as a reflection of what you’re listening to?

JT: Recently we’ve been listening to a lot more punky-er tracks. Instead of just throwing a load of guitars on, some of the new songs have that kind of punk vibe. I feel like the next record could either go really electronic and dancey or the opposite way and go really punk and raw. One or the other. But either way it’s not going to mellow.

Upcoming tour dates:

May 21st – O2 Academy, Bristol
May 25th – O2 Institute, Birmingham
May 26th – The Plug, Sheffield
May 27th – Neighbourhood Weekender
24th – 26th August – Reading and Leeds Festival
25th August – Glasgow Summer Sessions with Catfish and The Bottlemen