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Asiahn is an incredible up and coming R&B artist, she gained recognition as a talented solo artist following the release of her EP ‘Love Train’ in 2017. After the success of her recent single ‘NOLA’, her fans have high hopes for her second album ‘Love Train 2’. Asiahn is not new to the limelight, as a talented songwriter she has penned songs for Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Dr Dre and has worked alongside Chris Brown, Pitbull and Iggy Izalea.

Her ability to write for a variety of genres exhibits her well-rounded musical talent. Not only has she had success putting pen to paper but also is an incredible songstress showcasing pure vocals and meaningful lyrics whilst developing her undeniably original style. She is an artist we all must look out for. We were fortunate enough to catch up with her over the phone amid her busy schedule in LA prior to the release of the new album.

Where did your career start and what inspired you to get into music?

Asiahn: I started as an artist at 15, I was touring and opened up for ludrus, TI and Kanye West when I was younger, all kinds of people. So I started off as an artist and would only write for myself then I took a small break for maybe a year or so. At that time I thought I needed to reinvent myself, so because I really enjoyed writing a load of different types of genres that I couldn’t do myself personally as an artist so I started writing for everybody. I’ve written for people from Dr Dre to Miley Cyrus which is a broad spectrum. Being an artist is where my heart is so I felt like I was missing that part and I needed to put out music. My fans were starting to ask where was my music?

Recently you’ve been doing so well your single NOLA has reached 25th spot on the Spotify US charts. Did you expect that song to be so successful?

Asiahn: You know what I didn’t wanna have any expectations in the same way when I first put out my first album ‘Love Train’ which started charting on the London viral charts and I was like… Woah that was so unexpected and I wanted to keep the same thought process for when I put out the next project. If I know that I love it and if feels good to me and something that I believe in and fully stand behind then whatever happens is whatever happens. Here in Los Angles and around the world I feel like we are lacking a lot of love, period. So I knew a lot of people would be able to connect with it anyway so I was hoping that it would do great and it’s doing so awesome so I’m excited.

What was the general message you wanted to send out to people when writing your first album ‘Love Train’?

Asiahn: ‘Love Train’. I can almost call it a series cause ‘Love Train 2’ is coming out. It’s basically the journey through a relationship and love in general. When I was in the club I was hearing a lot of music about not being real with your feelings and I was in a very vulnerable place at the moment where I was recovering from a heartbreak so I was using that EP ‘Love train’ to sing my way through the breakup so it is literally a story from start to finish.

I felt it was very important to be as vulnerable and as candid as possible when making this music because it was the only thing that would help real people. I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve received from people all over: ‘you’ve helped me heal from a heartbreak’, ‘you’ve made me realise I am still in love with my ex and we have gotten engaged’.


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So your first album Love Train was produced by Cardiak, he is a big name in the industry, are you going to have him on board with your new album?

Asiahn: He produced the entire second one as well. We great chemistry together. He is always joking saying are we doing ‘Love Train 3’ or are we gonna forget the train and go somewhere else? I’m like I dunno.

Do you feel like he is someone you will bring along with you on your journey or will you choose a different producer?

Asiahn: He is always someone I will bring along with me on my journey. In my next project, I will probably bring other producers in as well but he will always be included and someone I will always go to first. When you connect with a producer as a songwriter and as an artist and you guys have a vibe that is something that is undeniable and you have to go with it. Sometimes you can’t recreate that magic with other people. I expect the next project after ‘Love Train 2’ to be even crazier.

Where do you see yourself going in the next few years?

Asiahn: Hopefully I’ll be touring all over the world and playing my music for people everywhere. It’s crazy to have a show and everyone to be singing the lyrics back at you that you wrote in your own room by yourself. So that’s my major goal for the next few years. Just to tour and really see the world and get to see the world and to spread some light and love along the way.

Do you have a release date set for your new album or is that still up in the air at the moment?

Asiahn: I have a release date that I selected now I am hoping that they don’t just push that back and we can just drop it when I want to drop it so I can’t give the date out yet until it is confirmed but I will be sure to let you guys know.

Who has been your favourite collaboration?

Asiahn: Ooo you’re gonna get me in trouble. If I had to pick I would say Dr Dre. Only because he is a genius, I got to learn a lot from him and his work ethic and everyone around him. That is where I met Cardiak working on the ‘Compton’ album and it was an overall surreal experience and we are still really tight to this day. It made a big impact on my life.

How amazing is that you got to be on the soundtrack on one of the best movies of all time?

Asiahn: It was crazy and the fact the only track that made it off of the ‘Compton’ album was actually in the movie [Straight Outta Compton] and that was mine I was like holy c**p!

So you can speak fluent French? Would you say the French language influences your music?

Asiahn: Yes I would say it does, I am actually speaking a little French on ‘Love Train 2’ on one of the songs so I think it is important to add in all parts of my culture in my music. I use a lot of influences from French and African culture.

So if you were to tour the world would France definitely be a stop?

Asiahn: It definitely is gonna be a stop, it has to be. I’d have to tour the US, Canada, I’d have to go to London cause London holds me down. When I look through my top countries the UK is second so I have to go and visit the UK.

Do you have any advice for artists trying to break into the music industry?

Asiahn: My advice would be to be yourself study your craft, don’t let anybody change you. Don’t let anybody make you feel like you need to do something else. Also don’t look at someone else’s success and measure yourself against them because everything happens at the right time, you have to stay diligent and passionate about what you do and be 100% authentic and you can always win with that.

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