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ALBUM: LIINES – ‘Stop Start’


There’s a brilliant thing about something new combined with something we’re used too. A bit like snowboarding, surfing has been around for decades and then skiing has too, bring them both together and it’s the best way to surf down a mountain! At the top of the mountain all you want are fresh lines, LIINES from Manchester are fresh, they’re made up of Zoe, Tamsin and Leila and they’re climbing a massive mountain of big sound.

‘Shallow’ sets the tone for the album with lyrics “what were you thinking” anchoring the song, plus you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Zoe. She backs up her vocals with an aggressive guitar punch enough to keep the receiver of these lyrics from having a second short. The album has a grit to it, the songs are short and punchy, leaving perfect live gig bait. It’s recorded well and each track is written to destroy a room – be sure that the crowd will help out with that. The pounding drums will have no one stood still in front of these three.

‘Stop Start’ is full of bass, smashing guitar, wailing vocals and a solid drums backline. LIINES been likened to Joy Division and I get that, their debut album is produced by the best – Paul Tipler (Elastica, Idlewild, Placebo, Stereolab) has delivered this one. ‘Be Here’ and ‘Find Something’ gives out a solid Breeders/Pixies bass and a Bernard Summer Joy Division divide. Banging tunes!

On to the B-Side and ‘Blackout’ starts with ‘Stop’ and the staple LIINES 3-chord smash which throws energy into the hallowed vocals. The lyrics are dark, something (or rather someone) has created this deep feeling. Zoe can really take it the distance: “I love a band that gives everything and a singer who feels every single word”. She’s a female Eddie Vedder and the backline of Steph Walker (bass, who was a founding member of LIINES but left the band after the album was complete, with Tamsin Middleton stepping in on bass) and Leila (drums) give a solid backing that Elastica were always famous for and Kurt Cobain would have happily been in front of. The bass of ‘Disappear’ is Hooky and Morris all over and the guitar destroys that backline fighting it off to make room for the massive vocal. It’s a goodun.

LIINES are hot off the support of Hot Snakes, Desperate Journalist, and The Slow Readers Club as well as having headlined the Radio X Showcase. Along with getting airplay and 5* reviews from all the music industry elders like Louder Than War, BBC Radio 6 and Q they’re on a tour down the back bone of the country from Manchester and Preston, down to London.

Catch them at:
18th Oct  – Night and Day (Manchester)
17th Nov – The Ferret (Preston)
18th Nov – The Lexington (London – supporting Bis)
14th Dec – O2 Apollo (Manchester supporting Slow Readers Club)

‘Stop Start’ is out now on CD digipak, LP white vinyl and at Thanks to Reckless Yes for this record.

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 PREVIEW – The Ritz All-Dayer ft. The Membranes , The Lovely Eggs & Sink Ya Teeth


Independent minds meet for an independent all-dayer. Run by Interior – the promoters with a penchant for novel venues and formidable artists – The Ritz All-Dayer presents the likes of The Membranes, The Lovely Eggs, Sink Ya Teeth and other transcendent artists. Set against a backdrop, one of Manchester’s listed buildings, there’s little else this bank holiday weekend that can offer such variety within the music spectrum. Featuring LIINES, The Cravats and more, fused together with DJ sets from PINS and Beat Chics topped off with The Membranes starring the full cast of The BIMM Manchester choir in the wings – it’s a delectable day for the music fan.

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To further feed your appetite, we caught up with the wildly unique Sink Ya Teeth and The Lovely Eggs ahead of their consecutive slots at The Ritz All-Dayer to discuss what it takes to make it as an independently fierce act in today’s Instagramable, Snapchat-able world.

Playing host to the 8PM slot, the warm-up for John Robbs’ set are The Lovely from Lancaster. Having met at a music co-operative in their hometown in the early noughties, the duo comprises of married couple Holly Ross (former member of Angelica) and David Blackwell. Much to many a record label and aspiring managers disappointment, The Lovely Eggs have always been (and always will be), wildly independent. There’s little to deter them from this case and point, with the age of money-snatching publicists upon us and an enigmatic career to boot, that’s inspired by the twists and turns of “life itself”. The pair are keen for the All-Dayer, which arrives just ahead of their May tour and brings them predisposed with their new – fifth – studio album: This Is Eggland. As the name suggests, the record is a satirical point-the-finger at the mass of “bad things that are happening in the world at the moment” mentions Holly – a subliminal mockery of ‘This Is England’ and what our country has become.

The pair are known for being passionately autonomous psych rockers with a lo-fi punk edge that happen across the most maddening experiences. “Lots of weird sh**t just happens to us all the time” comments Holly as we discuss This Is Eggland and how they drunkenly left a voicemail with the legendary David Fridmann over a year ago. Fast forward a year on from said voicemail and out of the blue Fridmann got in touch and thus produced the recent album. Controversial and mightily individual, The Lovely Eggs almost weren’t here as Holly hung up her guitar with the thought that the entertainment industry eats individuals up whole and spits them out. Fortunately, her mind was changed: “I realised you can do it your own way, away from the labels, away from the greedy corporations…” and so The Lovely Eggs are fourteen years strong and passionately counting.

Ahead of the calamity of the evening but by no means, tame are another duo – Sink Ya Teeth from Norwich. Gemma and Maria met during their time in the same band. But, once that fell through, just over two years ago, the pair joined together and have been formulating their own sound of synth-driven post-punk pop fantasia. It’s danceable, jive-able and live-able music. “It’s got to groove. That’s the only requirement really.” The foolproof warm-up for the night ahead, to engage the frighteningly wonderful bank holiday feeling across the room, there’s little that can be said to put you off this LCD-Soundsystem-with-a-pop-centre combination.

They too are bringing with them an album, but this time – it’s a debut. The 10-track record was written and produced in true independent manner, from within the four walls of their spare rooms in Norwich featuring “songs about partying too hard, modern-day insecurities and narcissists, with plenty of bass-lines and synths.” Set to be released on June 22nd it features new tracks including new track ‘Substitutes’ which is soon to be released. Next up for Sink Ya Teeth are album launches at The Social in London and Norwich Arts Centre amongst and Summer festivals galore but catch them before all that, at The Ritz All-Dayer Saturday 5th May 2018.

That’s not all,  Tickets are now exclusively £12.50 for MCR readers – what more could you ask for?