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Loyle Carner

SINGLE RELEASE: Loyle Carner- ‘Loose Ends’ (Feat Jorja Smith)


Loyle Carner‘s debut album Yesterday’s Gone was a fantastic record that established Carner as one of the UK’s most intriguing rappers. He writes biographical and often poignant lyrics which take an introspective look in to his life. His flows are at a slower pace than other MC’s, as if he’s taking as much time as possible to choose the perfect word, or the perfect line to best describe a thought, observation or moment.

On his latest single, Loose Ends, Loyle has enlisted the help of Jorja Smith, who recently won the Brit Award for ‘British Female Solo Artist’ after her critically acclaimed debut album, Lost & Found. The track starts with Smith’s typically striking vocals, she has a habit of making her high notes seem effortless. There’s a remorseful and emotive feeling to the song, created by the downcast piano notes and the simplistic, rhythmic drumming track. Loyle‘s vocals take centre stage, he uses his conventional, thoughtful flow, paced expertly by his habitual “uh’s”, which are little bits of vocalisation he uses to help space out the lyrics.

The track sees Loyle speak about some of the downsides of his success, which has seen him fly all over the world, but means that he hasn’t been able to keep up with friends and loved ones as well as he’d like. “I feel ashamed, I know there ain’t no savin’ away. They went astray, I went to Australia, so what am I supposed to say to ’em?” Overall, Loose Ends is a fantastic blend or soul and rap. It’s brought together two of the UK’s finest young talents and is one hell of a powerful match. This is the third single Carner has released in the last five months, and he’s heading out on tour next month, which is hopefully a sign that he will be releasing a follow-up to Yesterday’s Gone soon.

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SINGLE RELEASE: Loyle Carner – ‘Ottolenghi’


Loyle Carner brings it back, after 18 months of silence since the release of his album ‘Yesterday’s Gone,’ Carner drops a fresh new track ‘Ottolenghi’ in collaboration with up and coming artist Jordan Rakei from New Zealand. ‘Ottolenghi’ is the story of Carner falling asleep on the train where he is reading Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook ‘Jerusalem’ on the train home and being “asked about the bible [he] was reading.”

The track opens with the sound of a delicate piano, accompanied by a calming synth instantly putting every listener at ease ready to embrace what Carner has in stall. Loyle Carner’s soft honey-like lyrics enter the track shortly joined by the uplifting regular beat of the drums giving the track a classic Carner quirky twist. Rakei’s smooth falsetto vocals complement Carner’s authentic rap lyrics giving the song a distinctive sound.

We are brought back to reality from this dreamscape as the music fades out to a sound sample of a man talking. Gradually we tune into his conversation: ‘so remember what I’m trying to show you, is that this life can be good one minute and it can turn bad, but that’s how life can turn for everybody.’ His motivational speech is drowned out by the rattling of the train leaving the listener wanting more.

The music video, directed by Oscar Hudson, brings Carner’s beautiful track to life taking us through his waking dream on an empty train. We are guided through a montage of real life VSO footage of strangers that Carner recorded on a train journey. The visuals are reminiscent of a vintage camcorder giving the track a rustic feel switching between real life images and Carner in a studio empty train set up. The track and music video blurs the lines between his dream and reality giving his fans everything they love and wouldn’t expect.

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