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Nilüfer Yanya

SINGLE RELEASE: Nilüfer Yanya – ‘Tears’


It’s looking like 2019 is going to be a crucial year for London-based singer/songwriter Nilüfer Yanya. Her debut album, titled Miss Universe is scheduled for release on March 22nd. The record will feature an ambitious and intriguing thematic premise, that of a shady fictional company called ‘WWayHealth (We Worry About Your Health)’. The premise influenced by one of Nilüfer‘s favourite TV shows, Charlie Brooker‘s dystopian and often misleading anthology series, Black Mirror.

Tears is the second single released by Nilüfer this year after In Your Head, a track which instantly became one of the artists’ best songs and featured some of her strongest hooks to date. On her earlier tracks, Nilüfer utilised the technique of leaving ’empty’ space in the backing to some of her tracks, which I found to be a bit hit and miss. At times it could add tension, as you waited for the next note to be played, but sometimes it just left a couple of her songs lacking any kind of tangible punch. But on the 2019 singles, that space has been filled, Tears has a stuttering, jumbled synth-pop backing that never feels empty, instead of giving the impression that it’s constantly evolving.


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Tears 💧

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The song sees Yanya accepting past mistakes and coming to realise what she really appreciates. I really enjoy her vocal delivery, her London accent adds character to her vocals and it gives a lot of her vocal highs a unique twist, particularly on the song’s chorus. Towards the end of the track, the synth backing becomes more and more distorted, sounding like something halfway between a computer malfunction and a video game glitch. Overall, it’s another really promising single, Nilüfer is building up a lot of positive momentum now and her album Miss Universe has become one of my most anticipated debuts of the year.

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