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ALBUM RELEASE: Parcels – ‘Parcels’


Let me introduce you to my new favourite band. You may have heard of them, they’re called Parcels. No ‘the’, plural and they’re electro epic! hey come from Australia, now live in Berlin and boast a collaboration with Daft Punk in 2017 with the beautiful, ‘Outside’. Now if Daft Punk endorsing you isn’t enough, to get you noticed, they’ve only gone and smashed out a minter of an album in Parcels (self-titled), the cover is fresh out of personified pop-art take on mile high club, complete with pristine pastel colours, perfect fringes and a secured case of the good stuff.

No holding back and right from the start ‘Comedown’ brings heavy kick beats and guitar that must’ve been noticed by our French Electro, heroes as it’s right up their rue de gare! ‘Everyroad’ has a narrative bringing the electro-funk on repeat and a curious description of surroundings and tranquil depth of what it is soundtracking and builds to a full on banger, oozing heavy synths and bass which would have any huge PA wanting more everytime. MCR Live popped along to their recent Manchester gig and I’ll be keeping my eyes to the ground and my ears peeled to sniff their next tour out, and they must be dropping some sets over summer festival season next year (Bluedot if you haven’t approached them yet, they’ll be just right where Crazy P was last year!)

When the funk, kick and electro cruises to halfway through the 12 track album ‘Yourfault’ gives a relaxed, waves lapping the shore, beach groove, with a Xylo-snare-janglechord-break portmanteaux of ‘Xychordbeach’. It’s more than just kick, xylophone, and Nile Rodgers-esque guitar, the vocals are enchanting and ‘closetowhy’ brings that in with some dreamy Hammond/synth halfway through too, close to why? Close to LCD Soundsystem more like! Along with LCD and Daft Punk obvious references, there are vocal smatterings of the Wilsons in there and I’m sure Parcels would have the Beach Boys as one of their influencers, after all, ‘Bemyself’ is fresh out of the ‘Pet Sounds’ outtakes.

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LIVE: Parcels @ Manchester Academy | 05.11.18


The infectious funk and stunning harmonies of Aussie-via-Berlin band, Parcels, conjures up sounds of peak period Chic, while hitting notes as though The Beach Boys have turned their hand to electronic-disco. It’s no wonder then, that their genre crossing sound managed to grab the attention of legendary DJ and production duo Daft Punk at one of their energetic live performances, which shortly after accelerated the band to stardom following their stylish single ‘Overnight’.

Arriving in Manchester off the back of a highly anticipated and raved about debut album, the ambitious five-piece set out to win the hearts of listeners with their slick grooves and seductive melodies that fill the room and force people to dance. From initially taking to the stage through an immense and thoroughly planned light show, the band begins with the album opener ‘Comedown’, where the distinctive arrangement of guitar and keys is greeted to a roar of approval and recognition from the welcoming crowd.

Gliding through their polished live set with admirable showmanship, Parcels provide timeless music that fills the Academy with a sense of joyful optimism; singing relatable lyrics and locking into the groove with ease. ‘Lightenup’ especially, where the bands collective sound really comes together and urges listeners to sing along; ‘’time to lighten up?’’. Other highlights came in the form of funk infused ‘Tieduprightnow’, which releases a rippling bass-line that hints at Vulfpeck, and the slower synth heavy track ‘Withorwithout’.


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While the bright funk and disco grooves lift the audience to create an atmosphere that Parcels must be ever so used to, the slower tracks truly allow the exceptional vocals to ring throughout the venue. The well worked cover of Paul McCartney’s track ‘Every Night’, or Parcels’ ‘Bemyself’, brake down the set, captivate the crowd, and leave listeners in awe of the vocal range apparent from every member of the band. A well-rehearsed performance from a hotly-anticipated young group of musicians, proving they have the style, creativity and go-forward to really shine.

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