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TRACK RELEASE: Durand Jones & The Indications – ‘Don’t You Know’


Look at their back-catalog, just look at their catalog. Coalmine Records are following what the miners started in the late 17th century in their native Ohio. Extracting not coal but gold. Not just dusting off old rare gems but also digging into the present: Ben Pirani, Jr Thomas & The Volcanoes or Wesley Bright & The Honeytones are fine examples of that.

West of Ohio is Indiana, where Coalmine Records found the shiniest soul prospect in the world. Durand Jones & The Indications got together around their shared passion for black music, wrote a few songs and recorded them, making their name well heard not only all over the US but also in Europe after the release of their self-titled debut album, in March 2018. ‘Smile’, ‘Can’t Keep My Cool’, ‘Make A Change’. All bangers. Like ‘Is it any wonder?’ where drummer Aaron Frazer steps up to sing along with main vocalist Durand Jones, creating a tender and raw mixture. Honest. Brilliant. Vicious-drumming high-pitched deep soul.

The outfit took those tunes on tour last year, hitting up five UK cities, including Gulliver’s in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and London – twice – on the way. What a year they had. And 2019 is already sparkling as the launch of their new single ‘Don’t You Know’ points out. It will be released the 15th of February in a double-sided 7” with True Love on the B-side, with both songs to be included in their upcoming album American Love Call, to come out the 1st of March.

Durand Jones & The Indications are a bunch of soul aficionados who seem to have realised their huge potential. They have gone from recording their debut album in a basement as a group of friends to constant touring and getting into the studio as a proper band. But don’t go thinking they are just Southern Soul revivalists. With their latest track, there’s no looking back to the ’60s. Neither to the ’70s. There’s no looking back at all, although they’re building something on from there. Something exciting.

If you get goosebumps listening to the likes of Charles Bradley, Al Green or The Ambassadors, you’re in for a treat. Especially if ‘I Really Love You’, from the latest, touches you making you slide your feet from side to side. It’s warm like that, just ‘Don’t You Know’ sounds fresh. Sounds good.

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Ultimate Playlist: Sunflower Bean

NYC power trio Sunflower Bean started as a duo by Jacob Faber and Nick Kliven back in 2013 with a name that combined each of their favourite things – sunflower seeds and coffee beans.  Joined by ex-member of the Supercute! duo Julia Cumming in 2014, the then threesome moved from Long Island to Brooklyn and submerged themselves in the areas thriving DIY scene.

Constant graft and dedication brought them through the scene and out on to the radar – showcased by their awarded title of ‘Most hard-working NYC band in 2014’. From there on out it’s been a non-stop run for Sunflower Bean, with support and headline slots alongside the likes of Wolf Alice, Pixies, Cherry Glazerr and so many more. 2015 brought the true initiation of their domination, with debut album ‘Human Ceremony’ which – despite none of the band members being of legal US drinking age at the time – soared the international charts and placed them firmly on the map, at such a fledgling stage.

Bringing us bang up to date and now with a second album ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ under their wings, in 2018 the triad have announced a new EP entitled ‘King Of The Dudes’ produced by Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charlie XCX, Angel Olsen) and due to be released on January 25th, 2019. To celebrate the announcement, the band have shared the first single from the record: ‘Come For Me’, which sees the band in a more menacing light than ever before.

Julia explains,This song was inspired by inner strength, power, and sexual freedom. In 2018 there is no time to waste and no time for shame. This song is a declaration of that. Do you really want to come for me? Do you really want to waste my time? The song is a dare, a threat, and a beckoning.”

We asked Nick to put together a list of his favourite tracks, check them out below.

Apocalypse – Cigarettes After Sex

I recently really got into Cigarettes After Sex and it took me a second to get on board but now that I’m on I can’t get off.

Licking an Orchid – Yves Tumor

We’ve all been super into the new Yves Tumor record since it came out. It sounds like the future.

Serve the Servants – Nirvana

For some reason we walked out to play a set to this song the other night and it reminded me that’s its low key the best Nirvana song.

Broccoli – DRAM

My younger brother turned me on to DRAM a little while ago, safe to say he’s got hooks for days.

Walking My Tears Across Manhattan – Lawrence Rothman

I love this song so much. Being from NYC I think we have all felt this at some point.

Ghost Town – Kanye West

I know Ye has not been on it as of late but he did make one the of my favourite songs of 2018…

Death or Glory – The Clash

Such a tune, just makes me want to punch a hole in the wall out of excitement.

But I’m Different – Les Rallizes Denudes

Was listening to this while we were in Japan last week, pretty perfect soundtrack for the trip.

Crawling Up The Stairs – Pure X

Been revisiting this record as of late and this song especially hits hard.

Humility – Gorillaz

I came to this band so late but I’m so glad I did.

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PREMIERE: Chew Magna – ‘The White Hotel’ EP


If you’re a commoner amongst the Manchester music scene, you’ll have heard of The White Hotel. The otherworldly venue sits in Salford, not too far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and has welcomed the likes of many revolutionary new acts that have been embraced the culture of the chaotic venue. Unique and memorable, it makes for the perfect title of the latest Chew Magna EP, a band that wholeheartedly pours themselves into their sound and deviates from the ordinary.

Essentially, they’re a band that step outside of the box and welcome you to do like wise, with open arms. Full of energy and boasting an uplifting theme throughout any of their songs, there synergy comes through with every new release so of course, we’re excited about this one. Advocates of noise and a self-confessed ‘jam band’ concocted their blistering debut EP ‘The White Hotel’ last year in their homeland – and the EP’s namesake – The White Hotel.

All good things come to those who wait and wait we have, eagerly anticipating the first move of the four-piece. “There isn’t a plan or well
worked-out approach,” tells Chew Magna guitarist, Simon of the band’s spontaneity when it comes to their moments of brilliance. “We’re at our best
bouncing ideas around and seeing what happens.” Vocalist and guitarist, Laurie affirms; “we’ll play the same part for ages, developing it slowly. Chew Magna has a motion of its own, all we have to do is turn up to practice; the songs write themselves.”

Mixed live at The White Hotel and recorded by underground Salford label SWAYS producer, Martin Hurley (Ghost Outfit) the EP is bolstered by a raw style of that Hurley brings to all his work with grunge-aficionado sound engineer Steve Albini and captures the intimate feel of the recording. Accompanied by videos that suitable match the style of Chew Magna, this is a collection of tracks that gives us an eye into what’s to come from the pioneering young act.

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EXCLUSIVE: MOLD – ‘The Death Suite’ EP


Fighting the good fight for a scene often misunderstood, MOLD present their new offering with EP ‘The Death Suite’. Due to be released Friday 5th October on a luxurious white vinyl, we’re happy to share with you an exclusive MCR Live preview of what’s to come from the radical renegades of Manchester’s blossoming music network. Tempted? Hit the link below and be engulfed by MOLD with ‘Apocalypse A – Go – Go’:

Featuring three tracks, the EP presents their politically minded manner, complete with maddening gyrations of guitar, bass, drums and hallowed, manic vocals from both frontmen. The collection of tracks, in particular the opener ‘Sterilise The Nation’ – or even perhaps anything by the act – gives the impression that Alex DeLarge is alive and functioning through the guise of MOLD, as their frenzied lyrics whir about a dystopian future. Menacing words speak of a daunting prospect where the megalomaniacs win.


A growing collective, the act derive inspiration from The Fat White Family but with an artistic, masterful edge with aspirations to have a fleet of MOLD instrumentalists at their beck and call. In celebration of the eagerly anticipated EP that highlights a clear future for MOLD, they’ve enlisted comrades to join them at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen Saturday 6th October, under their gig promoter form: DENTCHA. The lineup incorporates a swarm of acts that have a footing in the DIY scene, including Slow Knife, The Starlight Magic Hour and Inland Taipan amongst others. With tickets at just £5 online and £7 on the door, where exactly can you go wrong? Support the scene and let MOLD swallow you whole.

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