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SG Lewis

Released: November 9th 2018

EP RELEASE: SG Lewis – ‘Dark’


Sam Lewis, an innovative producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist has recently produced an exciting five-track project, which is a part of his ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’ sequence under his acronym SG Lewis which aim to represent the three stages of a night-out. All of these will finally come together to form his combined full-length album.

Underneath all his tracks feature a signature electronic undertone that make him recognisable as an artist, which shine through this EP. His music draws upon a rich blend of influences such as James Blake and Bon Iver. However, this album is a step forward from this, whilst also remaining strangely familiar to his previous releases. One of the elements of this EP that stands out is SG Lewis’ distinct talent for collaboration with other emerging and established artists alike, from ranging genres.

A large contrast to ‘Dusk, Dark’ takes a different approach, moving away from the funky disco vibe of the previous EP to reveal something deeper. In a way, ‘Dusk’ was the lively warm-up for the darker things to come. ‘Dark’ aims to represent the magical, mysterious ins and outs of the very height of the night. Building an atmosphere that echoes excitement and bass lines that fill the mind and imagination.

The track ‘Again’ is a personal favourite which won’t be forgotten in a hurry, featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, which begins softly then develops to meet with a warm house bassline, with deep ethereal beats running throughout.

The obvious standout track ‘Hurting’ also possesses a hypnotic, catchy and unforgettable hook with AlunaGeorge’s distinctive vocals. When the track kicks in, the listener is willingly transported to the midst of a bustling club night, the beat alluring and prominent throughout. The soulful electronic nature of Bruno Major echoes clearly throughout ‘Dreaming’, which possesses its own unique, intoxicating aura whilst simultaneously hushed and intimate.

Featuring huge names such as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and AlunaGeorge, we can only speculate and await the release of the final part of the night, ‘Dawn’. Overall, this part of the album builds momentum for what is to follow, the album capturing a true and accurate snapshot of today’s club culture.

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