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Let’s beat no bushes. SPQR are a great band. They are one of the best new sounds spilling out of our neighbour down the East Lancs road. As a live act they can be riotous, at times mournful, but above all else always passionate. They are a band on the up, playing some really great nights across the north west recently such as their first ever sell out headline gig back in Liverpool and being handpicked by Everything Everything for a night at Band On The Wall. With much clamour and excitement the band have also recently signed to native northern label ModernSky.  

So now here we are with ‘Slowly’, SPQR’s  self professed first ‘proper studio’ record. It is very proper indeed. Very well produced, ‘Slowly’ sounds something of a divergence from their soul punk live sound. The song bounces along with tin of pop rhythms and a bass sound that is both warm and crisp at the same time, like really good chips.

With a strange alien wobble rippling upon the lid of the tune, interchanging with great monolith backing vocals this song is an all encompassing three minutes which indulges you before dropping you off at your destination on the other side with a quick chop-and-you’re-gone finish. After kicking our heads in live SPQR haven’t finished with us, trying out for size some crafted guitar pop. and guess what? The shoe fits, Slowly is more than ready for the airwaves.

The high water mark of the track is a quick break into a piano lead, waltzy and sorrowful lament. This allows singer Peter Harrison to give his really, really great voice a run out. There is an honest beauty in this tender snippet of songwriting, before rising back up into the now almost inevitable smash and grab crescendo finish, bass pushing back up and vocal tracks now whirring almost in competition with each other before ‘Slowly’ slips out the door, or more likely jumps out the window.

The streaming numbers on ‘Slowly’ are ticking ever upwards,  but do not worry. The miracle of the algorithm means that ‘Slowly’ will never run out. This does not mean you shouldn’t go and listen to the single with great urgency. The band are already confirmed for Liverpool Sound city next year, and put your money on their being at least a handful of exciting announcements from the band between now and then. 

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