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Recently formed Mama Racho are the quintet expanding our musical horizons with their majestic blends of percussion and synth, leaving a psychedelic euphoria in their wake. The eclectic Columbian music sub-genre Cumbia oozes through Mama Racho – enlighten your senses and catch them in the headline slot of our next Free Vibes on Saturday 5th January at Band On The Wall.

Although very little has been disclosed about the band thus far (with being quite literally masked, too), what we do know of them is incredibly exciting – in a Manchester scene flooded with indie & hip-hop, Mama Racho are a breath of fresh air. We caught the recently formed quintet a couple of months back supporting the incredible Mauskovic Dance Band, and knew we needed them to bring home the bill. Blending the folkloric rhythms of cumbia music with a modern twist of psychedelic electronica groovy percussion, trippy synths and a calamity of guitars – one thing is for certain, you’ll have more than a toe-tapping for their set.

Ahead of their slot at our highly anticipated Free Vibes, Mama Racho have selected their top-tracks reflecting their sound, which you can find below. Grab the last free tickets, here.

Goat – Hide from the Sun

An incredible, mysterious, masked band with plenty of fuzz and percussion.

Fela Kuti – Roforofo Fight

Fela and Africa 70 doing a 4/4 banger.

Altın Gün – Goca Dünya

Modern Turkish Psych-Disco stomper.

Mustafa Ozkent – Burcak

Fuzzy 70s Turkish psych featuring 2 drum kits and grime-y bass.

Khruangbin – Maria También

A whirlwind of exotic guitar riffs and funky backbeats inspired by sounds of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Maisha – Azure

Contemplative, slowly unfolding fusion of spiritual jazz and Afrobeat.

The Mauskovic Dance Band – It’s All Mauskovic

Unique, fun disco cumbia, blending traditional percussion with electronics and spacey vocals.

The Mauskovic Dance Band – Continue The Fun

A hyperactive blend of African influenced grooves, Latin American percussion, drum machines, and silly vocals.

Juaneco Y Su Combo – Vacilando Con Ayahuasca

A great, drug-referencing introduction to Chicha music – Psychedelic Peruvian surf-cumbia. This style of music was the initial main inspiration for Mama Racho as a band.

Los Shapis – El Aguajal

Beautiful Chicha. Blissful vocals and guitar share a bath of reverb and delay.

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Ultimate Aus Playlist: Skegss

Unless it’s the likes of Tame Impala or Jagwar Ma, we’re often sparring to hear word about music acts from the land of Aus. We managed to grab faithful contenders, garage rock trio Skegss to hear about the new discoveries that are working their way through the Australian music scene and (hopefully) over to our shores.

The threesome hail from Byron Bay, on the country’s South East coast and have ventured out on tour across Australia, America, Canada and Europe. Prior to the release of their album ‘MY OWN MESS’ in September 2018, the band had launched several extended plays and singles which have put them firmly on the map. Not ones to shy away from long nights and wild antics, they’ve got a youthful edge that sets them up as ones to watch in the surf lead scene. Check out who Skeggs say are also making waves from across the ocean.

Dumb Punts – Mad

We are on tour with them at the moment. About to play Dublin.

Pist Idiots – Princes

Insanely good band. They are from Revesby and are one of the most well-quenched bands around.

The Pinheads – Not Like You

They just got back from almost a year on hiatus and they were dearly missed. They just dropped a new song and ya gotta listen to it.

Scabz – Starting Line

They are the biggest legends ever we just finished a tour with ’em. They have a song about Brett Lee.

Israeli Chicks – I Love You Mum

Lovely Kiwi guys except Lew but I think he did live there for a year. They let us jam in their garage in Byron.

Camouflage Rose – Taste

We were on an island and Larry stayed in the pool for 4 hours with a smile on his face and then on the bus we were chanting his name.

Dune Rats – Ratbags

The day 1’s that have always supported us.

Totty – Uncomfortable

Max Kell and Chris. Chris is good to drink to toxic poison with.

Drunk Mums – Urban Cowboy

They just dropped Urban Cowboy. Best live band in Australia.

Gooch Palms – Marfa Lights

Basically the Australian Version of Gucci Mane. Need we say more?

White blanks – I Don’t Wanna (Die)


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