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hotel lux


Originally hailing from Portsmouth, five-piece Hotel Lux moved to London to fully enhance their garage/punk rock sound. Sounding like a mix between Cabbage and Shame, Hotel Lux take influence from the world around them, to paint pictures of dark, deteriorated people and landscapes. They also cite the film works of Shane Meadows as a major influence, who’s best know for This Is England, which is one of the reasons why Hotel Lux sound so quintessentially British.

Hotel Lux aren’t your typical punk band in terms of aggression, they don’t throw themselves around and completely lose control. Instead, they vent their frustrations through the brooding, intimidating atmosphere they express at their live shows. Take the song, Berlin Wall for example, a track which uses sinister whistles and funeral-esque keyboard parts to create an atmosphere of the macabre. Front-man Lewis Duffin sounds as morose as the most foreboding of undertakers.

Hotel Lux have just released their latest single, English Disease and it’s another corker. In celebration, we recently asked the band to pick out one track each from a new band they like, and one old /classic tour bus favourite:



Lewis Duffin (Vocals)

Fountain of Good Fortune – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

100% one of my favourite bands at the minute. Beautiful, beautiful melodies

Up the Junction – Squeeze

All-time classic. The amount of times we’ve tried ripping this tune off in our recent writing sessions is silly.

Cam Sims (Bass)

Cruelty – Disgraced

This tune scratches every punk itch for me. With only one track out i’m really looking forward to seeing what this lot get up to in the future.

The Impressions – We Must Be In Love

It’s impossible to feel sad when listening to this track. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work.

Sam Coburn (Guitar & Keys)

Idles – I’m Scum

One of the few bands doing it right at the moment. good melodies, excellent lyrics.

Meet Me in the City – Junior Kimbrough

Cigarette stained riffs. GOAT.

Jake Sewell (Guitar)

Nineteen Seventeen – The Good, The Bad & The Queen

The members are all from different musical backgrounds, I think that’s what makes everything they release so interesting. Tony Allen’s drumming is especially good on this.

I’m Gonna Leave You – Nina Simone

There isn’t a dull moment in this track, it’s rapid from start to finish. You can almost hear her gasping for air by the end of each verse.

Craig MacVicar (Drums)

Squid – The Dial

By far my favourite live band at the moment. Looking forward to more releases from these guys.

Gorillaz – 19-2000

I think I first heard this on Fifa 02 back in the day and I’ve still got it on repeat. The Soulchild remix isn’t too bad either.

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Sleaford Mods are one of the most important, politically charged and thought-provoking duos making their mark on the music scene today. Renowned for exhilarating live shows, sharp commentary and minimalist beats, the band have spearheaded the post-punk renaissance of the last five years.

Emerging onto the UK music scene in 2013 at a time of political and creative austerity, the Harbinger Sound released breakthrough album Austerity Dogs caught the moment. Described by The Quietus as ‘a brutally brilliant slice of working-class culture… soaked in the impossible realities of the everyday’, the success was a surprise for many, not least Andrew and Jason who had been making music individually twenty years to no acclaim.  

Fast-forward to 2019, and there are few other bands who can lay claim to such a prolific schedule, yet here we are a year later and Sleaford Mods have released their fifth studio album in six years, Eton AliveReleased on 22 February to yet more critical acclaim the album went straight in at number 9 in the UK Albums chart, number 1 in the UK Vinyl Chart and number 1 in the UK Record Store chart. The album, which features twelve new tracks, was recorded in Nottingham and is the first release on Andrew and Jason’s newly formed label ‘Extreme Eating’; the first album since amicably parting with Rough Trade Records.

We asked the Sleaford Mods to put together a list of tracks which have influenced the new release. Featuring an eclectic mix of artists including Giggs, Pet Shop Boys and Nina Simone, this is Sleaford Mods Ultimate Playlist.


Lizz – Chacal

Andrew got me onto this woman. Really good this tune. It’s from her EP ‘Imperio Vol1’  which I’m still getting my teeth into.

Burzum – Channeling the power of souls into a new god

I’m interested in early black metal at the minute. But only with its originators, Burzum being one of them. The idea that people from time to time reinvent music genre purely through passion is such a powerful thing. All that horror bollocks is irrelevant to me. It’s Just the motivation and ideas. Why? Brilliant.

Dat Oven – Icy Lake

Again I got this from Andrew. (Sorry mate haha) it’s Really nightmarish innit, quite cold.  But wicked. Odd.

 Giggs – Baby

The chorus is really good. His delivery. I really like Giggs.

Jody Watley – Looking for a new love

Just started listening to JW. Im trawling the RnB Soul timeline for decent shit constantly.


 Pet Shop Boys – Two divided by zero

Always reminds me of touring especially when we are in Europe.

 Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprosy – Everyday life has become a health risk

The lyrics still seem relevant today.

 Nina Simone – Hey, Buddy Bolden

This song will inspire anyone who is creative. Hairs on the neck go up.

Angelo Badalamenti – The Pink room

I watched the new series, which made me watch the movie again, it’s excellent.

Massive Attack V Mad Professor – Moving Dub (better things)

I already had it but my copy was scratched to fuck so I bought it again.

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Patawawa are unique in their nature as an electronic trio, who blend beats to pump blood with glittered guitar riffs and basslines that bite. Featuring Sam Wilmot, Rory Lovatt, and Beth Garrett, the three-piece have crafted a sound that stays true to the neon roots of their funk and disco inspirations but dressed with a cheeky flair that makes it all their own.

Picked by NME as ‘Ones to Watch in 2018’ before their debut EP had even been released, the band that originated from Matlock, have more than lived up to that promise. Having found fans in the likes of Huw Stephens, Tom Robinson and Lauren Laverne, they’ve been tipped by the Line of Best Fit, The Guardian, DIY & Clash and has seen them be selected to headline the Free Vibes event at Band On The Wall on Wednesday 13th March ahead of their London, Paris, New York, Matlock EP release which is out later this month.

Before then, Sam & Rory have put together an exclusive playlist for us with their inspirations behind Patawawa’s upcoming drop.


Sam’s Tracks –

Westside – Jarreau Vandal

I have a lot of Jarreau’s tunes on my playlist, for me, he just knows how to make a happy, upbeat, fun tunes with great production and often great vocal features!

Meant To Be – Hush Moss

Became a fan of this band a couple of years ago with their super smooth funk banger Clear and was also lucky enough to catch them live when we played ‘Smoked & Uncut’ Festival. Meant To Be is another smooth funk fiesta with excellent horns and percussion, a real earworm!

Grant Green – Mr Jukes Ft Charles Bradley

Bombay Bicycle Club are the band I have seen the most times ever live so when I learnt that Jack Steadman was doing a funk project I was stoked! Grant Green is such a powerful funk track with a brilliant melody for the chorus, unfortunately, it was one of the soul legend Charles Bradley‘s last ever recorded songs.

Lightenup – Parcels

Parcels always bring a groovy number to the table and Lightenup is no exception, it always puts me in a great mood and certainly does light me up! Caught them at Rough Trade in London late last year and they were unbelievably tight! Feel good vibes fo’ sho.

Cookin’ on 3 Burners – Real Life Baby

This tune just gets my feet moving every time, amazing brass in this song, just an ultimate feel-good track!

Rory’s Tracks –

It’s My House – Diana Ross

Just a perfect pop song! It never gets old!

Bicicleta – Marcos Valle

You can’t be in a bad mood when this is on.

How Good Is Your Game – Billy Paul

Billy‘s voice is something else and this song is definitely my favourite of his.

Feel The Music (Original 7 Inch Version) – Dreamflight

The Boston Goes To Disco compilation from Serge Gainsbourg was an incredible release last year and this was the top song for me.

Suddenly – Drugdealer

This song sounds like an old beach boys song at the start, then transforms and has a really nice piano heavy beat which is rate up my street.

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Babeheaven are back with new single Fresh Faced, having just sold out their biggest headline gig at legendary London venue Jazz Cafe in the process. 2019 has already proven to be a step up for the band, having already sold-out shows ranging from Bush Hall and Scala to touring with acts like Loyle CarnerThe Japanese House, and Palace.

The West-London five-piece acclaimed releases thus far have taken them on a rich emotional journey far from – but always back to – their cultural roots, with the strip of the city either side of the Westway having its link to everyone from Lily Allen to Jungle and Blur (let alone the sensory overload of Carnival). Growing up amongst that sense of history and creative atmosphere meant Babeheaven could only ever be musicians, really. Though, Babeheaven’s depictions of those truths ultimately reach far beyond the city that inspires them.

The last year or so has seen the band enter an intense period of writing, recording, and growth. In Nancy, Babeheaven have a front-woman of remarkable vocal and emotional depth: one who is also able to move effortlessly between the worlds of music, fashion, and art. As a badass woman herself,  we asked Nancy to put together her Ultimate playlist of influential women in music. Check it out below!


Watching Me – Jill Scott

I think I started singing because I loved Jill Scott’s voice so much. I wanted to copy her, sound like her and be able to sing all of the parts. I also love her lyrics, shes funny and so cool.

Slow Jam – Tirzah
I think Tirzah’s voice is really amazing, the pairing with Micachus production makes something very special. Tirzah’s album was my most listened to album last year. I had it on loop and still do.

Brakhage – Stereolab
Such interesting song writing, such good harmonies, and melodies layered.

Don’t Cry – It’s Only Rhythm – Grace Jones,

She doesn’t sing on this song- but most of the album is reworks of the same song. Grace is so incredible, I remember seeing her live and she hula hooped whilst singing her entire set. It was crazy.

Cherish the Day – Sade

Sade is the best, Cherish the Day is my all time favourite song by her, when the bass starts in the middle it gets me every time. Her voice is flawless and she is stunningly amazing.

Essence of Sapphire – Dorothy Ashby

The first time I listened to Dorothy Ashby, I was obsessed.  I think she’s so cool I remember looking her up I wanted to know everything about her.

I do (feat SZA) – Cardi B

I cheated and put 2 in one. Cardi is jokes and a great rapper I love nearly all the songs on “Invasion of Privacy”- SZA is a force and sings amazingly her first EP (album thing) was lyrically and sonically very important to me.

Kimson – Warpaint

When this EP (Exquisite Corpse) came out I lost it. It was so cool to see a girl band making such sick music and looking like they didn’t care about what anyone thought of them. They make such good music.

Respect – Rotary Connection

I love Minnie Ripperton, so I put in this song. Rotary Connection have amazing vocal arrangements stacks of harmonies and lux string parts. Love it.

Isobel – Bjork

She is the coolest (how many more times can I say that). She writes about nature in an amazing way and has such a progressive sound. What a G- I recently watched a short documentary about her and was just even more amazed by the music she creates.




Alternative noise-rock trio, SlowHandClap, came about from their mutual passion for punk and noise rock. Their enthusiasm built and, thus,  the much-appreciated act with the self-deprecating name* came to be. *See definition of ‘slow hand clap’. The Manchester-based act rest amongst the plentiful network of musicians we have in the city and are made up by Sam Bullock on vocals and guitar, Dan Coleman on bass and Michael Duckworth controlling drums.

We asked the trio to put together a playlist for us of their most adored tracks that filter through their inspiration and aspirations for SlowHandClap, following the release of their stonking new single ‘Nobody’s Home’, released on 6th March (listen above). Rife with tracks from the ’90s alternative and ’80s punk scenes, it’s clear to see where the trio draw their influences from – featuring tracks from the likes of Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Fall and Fugazi.

Sure, you might have heard all those acts before, but SlowHandClap project a fresh lease of life within the chaotic genre, controlling their sound with rich chords, melodies and rhythmic grooves to both please and unease the listener – a theme that has been brought to new levels with their latest release. SHC‘s notoriety is clear through support from the likes of BBC IntroducingBBC 6 Music, DHP alongside a loyal fanbase who tread every step of their journey, selling out shows regularly across their hometown base. 

Fictional Decision – Drahla

Are one of our favourite English bands at the moment, they have two great and unique singers and combine the sounds of all our favourite bands like Sonic Youth and Ought and make it their own.

Why Does It Shake? – Protomartyr

Somehow manage to sound minimalist but create a thick atmosphere at the same. This is something we try to strive for being a 3 piece. The singers spoken word vocal style has influenced a lot of our new material too.

Reuters – Pink Flag

Is one of our collective favourite albums, a perfect 10 to me. This song is basically one chord throughout but the vocals and the harmony’s make this tune.

Ether – Andy Gills

Jagged guitar lines and the tight groovy rhythm section are so good on this track. This band make you move and the interplay between the guitar and the bass in all their songs is something we often strive for.

Blindness – The Fall

The bass comes in, then it comes in AGAIN! Just listen.

Pears For Lunch – Girl Band

Girl Band are so unbelievable. The way they use noise to create captivating, cacophonous songs and the surrealistic emotional vocals changed the way we want to write songs.

Silver Rocket – Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth are the primordial ‘ooz’ that birthed us, definitely our biggest influence.

Rattled By The Rush – Pavement

We often get referred to as have a slacker-rock-esque sound and pavement are probably one of the reasons why. So laid back and effortlessly great songs.

Satan In The Wait – Daughters

This song strikes a perfect balance between terrifying and beautiful, we like to try and strike that balance with some of our tunes.

Waiting Room – Fugazi

This is the only track we’ve ever covered. We had to stop doing it because it made all of our songs sound rubbish in comparison.

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Having toured with SLAVES and been compared to the likes of Deerhunter, Kurt Vile and Mac DeMarcoWillie J Healey is fast making himself heard. Summarised by a headline tour that started in February this year and is fast selling out, the Oxford native is making his way to YES in Manchester on said tour (20th February to be precise, you keen kids). 

His first album People and Their Dogs took months to pull together with the musician overthinking and stop/starting numerous times trying to get the perfect hit. Of course, it was suitably perfect because it had been meticulously fine-tuned and refined by its composer’s skilled mindset. By the time People and Their Dogs came to fruition, his second album was already on the cards. Subconsciously attracted to the phrase ‘666 Kill’ like a reverse exorcism, he constructed an ominous lyrical sketch of his own death at the hands of the devil. This unlikely muse possessed his creativity to the extent that he rushed downstairs to his garage-based studio and single-handedly recorded the vocals and all of the instrumentation in a single session.

“I’m not some kind of devil worshipper or anything like that,” he laughs. “I was trying to touch on different ideas I had: weird things like planes going missing and an obsession with death, which sounds depressing but at the time I found it really interesting. We all have weird little things that run across our minds and we generally don’t say them out loud. For good reason! But it felt like an exciting process to write in that style and not put a filter on it.”

Having performed with bands in Oxford from a young age, Healey turned to songwriting and developed his skills via open mic nights, acoustic shows and local support gigs. So it all fell into place and, in particular, the tour with SLAVES cemented him on the indie scene and not as ‘just-another-singer-songwriter’ but something with a punk twang that delves into broader topics than romantic emotions. “I try not to be too aware of trends, so I can focus on writing the best song I can regardless of whether I think it will be cool or not.” He notes how the great albums of the ‘70s feel out of time in contrast to the booming drums and slick production that places many ‘80s records firmly within their era. “A timeless classic will never go out of fashion.”

But what tracks are constantly on Healey’s ‘top tracks’ lists, always cemented in his mind and always looked to as a point of inspiration? Look no further than right here. You can see that he doesn’t follow the trends or stick to one genre just by listening in. So, what are you waiting for?

Joe Jackson – Is she really going out with him?

A classic, I can completely relate to young Joe in this track.

Squeeze – Cool For Cats

Another classic. A special british treat that makes my ears smile. Love you squeeze

Happyness – Anna Lisa Calls

I love this song so much. I must have played it 1000s of times, I wish I wrote it. More people need to hear it because it’s sick

The Boom Town Rats – Rat Trap

Bob G at his best. Most savage bass tone dirty dirty boys got the crowds going loopo

The Stranglers – Peaches

Another filthy british classic about oily skin and a love for bums so strong that they wrote a hit about it, good one gizzas.

Neil Young – Walk On

Neil Young’s response to people talking breeze behind his back. Feel ya Neil you beautiful hippy

Childish Gambino – Red Bone

This track is already a classic and it’s only been out for a couple of years.

Grover Washington Jr. – Just The Two of Us

Our old friend Grover WJ making hot sauce with chicken legend Bill Withers. Tears flow down my cheeks Bill, ya got me again. Sing me to sleep GOAT

Supertramp – The Logical Song

A song I’ve always loved. A young man losing his innocence..

Bill Withers – Use Me

Say no more Bill, sometimes it feels good to be used.

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The harp-driven machine that is dream pop band Diving Station takes influence from the likes of Big Thief and Dirty Projectors. They are known to captivate and engage audiences with their distinctive sound, achieved through the unique combination of singer Anna McLuckie‘s nuanced delivery and Sean Rogan’s sprawling guitar melodies. This is integrated with a driving yet melodic rhythm section and the accompaniment of secondary vocals.

Since forming in 2014 Diving Station have performed across the UK supporting bands such as Indian Queens, Clock Opera, and Meursault. They have appeared on festival lineups at Bluedot Festival and Head For The Hills as well as selling out several headline shows in Manchester. Diving Station released their first EP, ‘Alice’, in January 2017. The single ‘Plastic People’ has been played on Bob Harris’ show on BBC 2 and Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour on BBC 6 Music to name a few.

George –

The Orielles – Let Your Dogtooth Grow:

‘Last year I was lucky enough to see the band play this track live in session for Marc Riley and they were fantastic. The memorable hooks and slinky bass always stick out to me.’

Julia Holter – I Shall Love 2:

Julia Holter is one of my favourite songwriters. This track is beautifully arranged and the way the instruments and Julia’s voice build in the second half is mesmerising.’

Barnabas – 

Westerman – Outside Sublime:

‘When we played at Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds we were featured on BBC Radio Leeds and this lovely song came on after ours. Been a fan ever since.’

Grizzly Bear – Three Rings

‘The drums on the track are so interesting. The way the drum loop sits with the acoustic kit playing all sorts over the top, mmmm.’

Anna – 

Fleet Foxes – Third of May/Ōdaigahara:

‘I found myself finding it hard to get lost in the music for a while, and Fleet Foxes helped me break through that.’

Joanna Newsom – Sadie (track not on Spotify):

‘She blows my mind, I could read the lyrics of this song every day and find something new.’

Sean –

James Blake – Don’t Miss It:

‘There’s nothing I don’t love about this song. The sounds, the lyrics, the simplicity. It’s all so subtle yet sits together just perfectly.’

Sharon Van Etten – Seventeen:

‘I’ve been waiting so long for Sharon Van Etten to release some new music, as have many others, and all I can say is it was worth the wait, what a comeback!’

Band picks –

Adrianne Lenker – Symbol:

‘We recently saw Adrianne play at YES, Manchester, and it was absolutely stunning. This song, in particular, stood out.’

Rozi Plain – Symmetrical:

‘We’ve loved Rozi Plain for a while now. We’re big fans of what she does with This Is The Kit, as well as her solo material. Recently we’ve been quite focused on keeping our writing simple and effective, and this new song is a perfect example of this.’

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blood red shoes

Ultimate Playlist: Blood Red Shoes

Blistering Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes release their fifth album ‘Get Tragic’ in 2019; a record that stands as their first studio album in some 5 years. Navigating through a minefield of accidents, heartbreak and something of a career curse that lined the rocky road towards this latest record, the plucky pair pulled-through to regroup for this record of re-energised form. Hooking up with esteemed producer (Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Arcade Fire / Nick Cave), the adventurous new album sees BRS incorporating greater electronics into their trademark sound while staying true to their ferocious rock roots.

If you’ll excuse the idiom, Blood Red Shoes have been through hell and back. Accidents, heartbreak, and a career curse have plagued the Brighton duo on the road to their new LP, the appropriately-, knowingly-titled ‘Get Tragic. “I don’t even know when this began,” laughs Laura-Mary Carter, nervously. “It feels like… a lifetime.”

Relentlessly gigging off the back of their 2014 self-produced and self-titled record, the heels finally fell off of Blood Red Shoes at the end of that same year. Drummer Steven Ansell interjects with his habitual bluntness: “We f*ckin’ hated each other, is what you’re politely trying to say.”A near-decade of incessant road time and a non-stop pace of life finally took its toll, they explain. “We got to the end of the fourth record and were like, ‘F*ck you, I never want to see you again’,” Steven adds, half-laughing, half-sighing.

“That’s the whole running theme of this record,” says Steven. “The reason we called it ‘Get Tragic’ is that we realised that everything we’ve been doing over the last three years is kinda tragic!” he says, prompting laughter from the pair. ‘Get Tragic’, then, fully embraces the absurdity of Blood Red Shoes’ situation. As a result, the pair came out the other side sounding fresher and more assured than ever.

Throughout it all, they went through a conveyor belt of managers and manager firings, the group falling out with everyone around them as they attempted to rebuild their core, two-way relationship. One of those managers “led us into a record deal that was really f*cked, and we shouldn’t have signed,” explains Steven. The subsequent fallout and legal trouble financially crippled them both. As that period came to a close, Laura went through a romantic breakup that still visibly affects her.

“We wanted to have the soul of a rock band, but change the style so it was more interesting, more groovy, and sexier – and less like everybody else! I started to feel like all rock music around us was one shade of colour.”  Through disaster and dismay, Blood Red Shoes have emerged reinvigorated. Every incident has fed into a record of defiance and self-acceptance. Knowingly embracing the tragedy of their movements, and the clarity at the end of such woe – they even laugh at the very idea of having a picture of themselves on the cover – ‘Get Tragic’ is a total reimagining of the Blood Red Shoes you might think you know.

BIG THIEF – Real Love

I saw this band in San Francisco on our last tour in the states, it was a moving performance. In fact, every time I listen to this song along with some of the others I get very emotional because her lyrics really speak to me, this one especially.

GRIMES – We Appreciate Power

I didn’t know about this song until it got played in my friends’ clothes shop one night whilst being extremely intoxicated. I woke up the next day with a hangover and this song going through my head non-stop. I re-listened and realised, yes this is a banger and industrial is coming back.

ST. VINCENT – New York

I really like this song off St. Vincents latest album. It is a well-written song with cool lyrics. I like singing this in the car which is probably very annoying for the people around me.

IDLES – Samaritans

This band are the hot new band of the moment, this is my favourite track of theres! “A mask, a mask of masculinity… It’s a mask, a mask that’s wearing me” gets me every time. The ending is epic, I have yet to see them live but I hope to catch them on the road somewhere.

BRONCHO – Boys Got to Go

It is hard to pick one song on this record because it’s all so good!  there are not many albums which can hold my attention span for the entire thing but this one does. I love how effortless they sound.


I was a bit late on this band but I really like their vibe and this song is really fun and makes me wanna dance.

BODEGA – How Did This Happen?

This song sounds like a mixture of LCD sound system and the B52s, I am really excited about this band and this song is infectious.

ARTIC MONKEYS – Four Out Of Five

I was not sure what to make of this new Arctic Monkeys album, I think it sounds more like an Alex Turner solo record, but this song has really grown on me, I like the melody and lyrics the video along with the song is visually cool too.


Ian has been a friend of ours for a long time, we took his band Wallace Vanborn on tour a few times and there are so many good Bands from Belgium that we don’t get to hear of much over here. This is off Ian’s new solo record and is a brilliantly crafted song.


I have always liked Sharon Van Etten but this new stuff she is coming out with is, even more, up my street. She made it with John Congleton who is a friend and a wonderful producer, every time I hear a record I like the production of it’s usually him. We made an ep with him and I hope to make an album one day!
This song gives me shivers.

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Glasgow quintet Walt Disco are a heady mix of ’80s-esque new-wave set against an darkened indie-pop backdrop. Fronted by bassist and vocalist James Potter – whose unabashed and unpredictable performance is the audience-catcher in this show – Walt Disco are made up by drummer Calum Kennedy, guitarists Dave Morgan & Lewis Carmichael with the newest addition Finlay McCarthy providing bass. As an act, Walt Disco have played with 77:78The Ninth Wave, Neon WaltzSports Team, The Parrots, Boy Azooga, Starcrawler and Her’s – to name but a few. An impressive array for such a young band who only seem to be picking up more acclaim with each release – latest offering ‘My Pop Sensibilities’ being a clear example of this.

Walt Disco‘s aesthetic is yet another strength, having picked up plenty of praise recently with frontman James taking to the runway for esteemed fashion house Celine – hand-picked by the brand’s newly appointed Creative Director Hedi Slimane. Whether it’s their music or their fashion, Walt Disco are a clear standalone band bringing more than a breath of fresh air. With this knockout start to 2019, the band now present us with new track ‘My Pop Sensibilities’, starting as they mean to go on.

In light of the new release, (and perhaps the direction the exciting band are going in?), Walt Disco have put together a list of tracks built around the music the 5-piece were listening to in the studio when recording ‘My Pop Sensibilities’. With the vigour of Nine Inch Nails and style of Freddie Mercury (a la Queen), it’s a heavy punk/indie pop mash-up that is sure to get your head jerking. Read on below.

Love Of My Life – Queen

This is a moment I’ll never forget. After wrapping up an intense 16-hour session of tracking at the studio in London, we all listened to this song at 5 am and were stunned into silence. We all love Queen but this was such a particularly special moment!

The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails

When we had one of our first mixes back of the track, we loved how much the choruses just grated like Nine Inch Nail’s choruses do.

A Matter Of Gender – The Associates

The bass tone on this track is so so good. And Billy McKenzie’s vocals as always are just sublime.

Promised You A Miracle – Simple Minds

These early Simple Minds tracks made us fall in love with Moog synthesisers, and they feature all across Pop Sensibilities.

Image Craft – Crack Cloud

A group that we and our producer Chris McCrory love, we listened to a lot of Crack Cloud in the studio.

Kool Thing – Sonic Youth

Our guitarist Lewis loves Sonic Youth, and they’re a big inspiration for the guitar tones we use.

Fifty-Five Clown – Cocteau Twins

Another Scottish group we played a lot in whilst in the studio, I love how they just have nonsense lyrics that aren’t sometimes aren’t even real words.

Frederick – Patti Smith

Patti is the queen.

Unconscious Melody – Preoccupations

Another band we listened to a lot whilst in the studio! The guitars on this are so good.

Faux Fox – Total Leatherette

The coolest band. Everyone should listen!

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Ultimate Playlist: The Lovely Eggs

Forget the Chinese zodiac, 2018 was the year of the Egg. With both the release of their fifth album ‘This Is Eggland’ to rave reviews from the likes of BBC 6Music & The Independent and key slots at major festivals up and down the country, The Lovely Eggs have had their biggest year yet.

Proudly unsigned and unmanaged, The Lovely Eggs are constantly continuing the exciting wave the year has brought, which hasn’t remotely stopped. The duo who recently completed an extensive autumn tour – reaching Dundee to Southampton and everywhere in between – including their biggest London show yet at prestigious venue The Scala. With numerous plays from punk-legend – and self-proclaimed fan Iggy Pop who likes ‘everything’ he has heard by the polished psych-punkers; it’s all a pretty impressive feat for a wholly independent band, no?

Having had such a blistering year, we reached out to the band to ask them to pull us together 10 tracks which make their Ultimate Playlist right now. From exciting new bands like Mr Ben & The Bens to some truly established punk-rock in form of Thee Oh Sees, this mix is anything but tame.

lovely eggs

Mush – Alternative Facts

This is pretty much one of the best songs we have heard in the last year. It was released last year on the Too Pure Singles Club. Must have been one of their last releases before Paul Riddlesworth set up his new label Dipped in Gold. You just can’t argue with it. It’s a tune. We loved it so much we invited them on tour with us and they’ll be playing with us at our upcoming gigs in Newcastle and Manchester on the 9th and 10th of November.

Wand – Self Hypnosis in 3 Days

Keep coming back to Wand and in particular this album. It is so heavy and psychedelic and poppy, it’s just perfect. This track is an absolute minter! If you’ve not heard this album Golem you seriously need to check it out.

Mr Ben and the Bens – The Bluest Blues

Here’s another band we’ve taken on tour with us just cos we like ’em and wanted to give ’em a chance to play in places and to audiences they’ve never played to before. It worked because everybody loved them. They are mates of ours from Lancaster. This is a great tune of theirs. Pure Lancaster and Morecambe District pop!

Thee Oh Sees – Animated Violence

We love the Oh Sees. Fuck me they get through so many albums! This tune is off Orc which they released last year. They’ve already put another one out since then!! Unbelievable! Their sound is just great. So good. So heavy. And they’re a great example of no-nonsense DIY punk rock. They set up all their own gear on stage, there’s no bullshit. It’s just pure hands-on hard work. Respect.

Sleaford Mods – TCR

We love this tune and now we always play it after our last song really loud when we come off stage to make it loud and clear that we will not be doing a fucking encore!! Sleaford Mods are a proper band. They’re real. We love em.

Xylouris White – Pulling the Bricks

Saw these at Greenman Festival. Never come across them before. They pulled me in so much, I had to totally stop what I was doing, leave my friends and go and watch them. Not many bands do that to me but this was one of them. We’re big fans of eastern music and psychedelia and jazz and for me, this had all of those elements. It was like nothing I had heard before. You don’t get that much.

Ill – Stuck on a Loop

Here’s another band that we invited on tour with us cos we wanted to see em live! They were great and was ace getting to see them every night. It’s always ace touring with women in bands. We need more bands like them to inspire future generations of hard ass punk rock women!

Beak> – Brean Down

Another of those ones that you hear and you stop and go “tell me what the fuck that is right NOW!”. Love everything we hear by these.

Parquet Courts – Nearly Had to Start a Fight/ In and Out of Patience

One of our songs of the year is this. Just such great energy. Just love it when we hear stuff on the radio and go “what the fuck was that” and this was one of those times. Also love the segue-way into the next song In and Out of Patience. Just very cool.

Cattle – Tanking the Piss

Cattle are a great band from Leeds. We’ve banged on about them before. We’ll bang on about them again cos yeah they are that fucking good. They blew us away a few years ago when we saw em playing around a fire pit in the woods. There were two drummers playing opposite each other in this stone circle and there were smoke and flames going everywhere. It felt like a punk rock satanic ritual. We loved it! Naturally.

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