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Ultimate Playlist

Ultimate Playlist: TVAM

Joe Oxley is the one-man electro/psych machine behind TVAM – producing arguably the biggest dance-floor action Wigan has seen since the legendary Casino closed its doors in the 1970s. As BBC 6Music’s Lauren Laverne observed, “It’s like someone took Spiritualized to the club!!”

Heralding the arrival of a singular talent, the self-produced and home-recorded debut album ‘Psychic Data’ contains ‘These Are Not Your Memories’ and ‘Narcissus’ (both of which enjoyed playlist support at MCR Live) alongside ‘Porsche Majeure’, ‘Gas & Air’ and the title track.

TVAM gigs blur the boundary between art and performance; via a large television sits on an 80’s secondary school-style podium, a VHS video recorder projects long-forgotten Mondo movies alongside vintage footage often sourced from hours spent poring through charity shop shelves. Hypnotic tracks which straddle an impressive spectrum of influence; with Boards of Canada’s irresistible nostalgia, Suicide’s deconstructed rock ’n’ roll and My Bloody Valentine’s infinite noise all becoming touching points in Oxley’s musical output. We asked the rising star to put together 10 tracks which sum up his music.

From The Dandy Warhols to DEVO, check them out below and make up your own mind.


Every Day Should Be A Holiday – The Dandy Warhols

The Dandy‘s melodies always stick in your head. This one is particularly sticky.

Only Shallow – My Bloody Valentine

It’s a pop song. The greatest, most layered, dreamy, explosive pop song there is.

Ghost Rider – Suicide

Rock ‘n’ roll never had anything to do with guitars. Suicide were the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band that music ever had.

Big Mess – DEVO

I could’ve picked any song by them, really. This one is so insistent. It won’t take no for an answer.

V1NC3NT COM3 ON DOWN – Brainiac

A criminally overlooked band with more ideas than time to put them down.

Lady Shave – Fad Gadget

The point where body image, personal anxieties, and media align is an obsession of mine. For this tale to be told by Iggy Pop with a drum machine is a bonus.

People Mover (Maximum Velocity Wedway Mix) – Servotron

The ultimate dance record. Separates the nerds from the douchebag.

Kill All Hippies – Primal Scream

‘XTRMNTR’ was the first time I really got into Primal Scream. It felt like they’d found out how to take all the records they loved and force them into the future. I’m also 100% behind that title.

High Pressure Days – Units

Part DEVO, part Talking Heads, cheap as you like and charming as hell.

Revenge of the Black Regent – Add N to (X)

Art is there to enrich us, educate us, enlighten us. It’s also there to take the piss. At the same time. Add N to (X)’ knew how to walk that stupid/serious line, and if they pissed people off in the process, all the better. Here’s an overblown slice of baroque that’ll send shivers down your spine, then slap you in the face for feeling emotion. Take that, stupid human.

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Recently formed Mama Racho are the quintet expanding our musical horizons with their majestic blends of percussion and synth, leaving a psychedelic euphoria in their wake. The eclectic Columbian music sub-genre Cumbia oozes through Mama Racho – enlighten your senses and catch them in the headline slot of our next Free Vibes on Saturday 5th January at Band On The Wall.

Although very little has been disclosed about the band thus far (with being quite literally masked, too), what we do know of them is incredibly exciting – in a Manchester scene flooded with indie & hip-hop, Mama Racho are a breath of fresh air. We caught the recently formed quintet a couple of months back supporting the incredible Mauskovic Dance Band, and knew we needed them to bring home the bill. Blending the folkloric rhythms of cumbia music with a modern twist of psychedelic electronica groovy percussion, trippy synths and a calamity of guitars – one thing is for certain, you’ll have more than a toe-tapping for their set.

Ahead of their slot at our highly anticipated Free Vibes, Mama Racho have selected their top-tracks reflecting their sound, which you can find below. Grab the last free tickets, here.

Goat – Hide from the Sun

An incredible, mysterious, masked band with plenty of fuzz and percussion.

Fela Kuti – Roforofo Fight

Fela and Africa 70 doing a 4/4 banger.

Altın Gün – Goca Dünya

Modern Turkish Psych-Disco stomper.

Mustafa Ozkent – Burcak

Fuzzy 70s Turkish psych featuring 2 drum kits and grime-y bass.

Khruangbin – Maria También

A whirlwind of exotic guitar riffs and funky backbeats inspired by sounds of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Maisha – Azure

Contemplative, slowly unfolding fusion of spiritual jazz and Afrobeat.

The Mauskovic Dance Band – It’s All Mauskovic

Unique, fun disco cumbia, blending traditional percussion with electronics and spacey vocals.

The Mauskovic Dance Band – Continue The Fun

A hyperactive blend of African influenced grooves, Latin American percussion, drum machines, and silly vocals.

Juaneco Y Su Combo – Vacilando Con Ayahuasca

A great, drug-referencing introduction to Chicha music – Psychedelic Peruvian surf-cumbia. This style of music was the initial main inspiration for Mama Racho as a band.

Los Shapis – El Aguajal

Beautiful Chicha. Blissful vocals and guitar share a bath of reverb and delay.

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sequin sally


Newcomers to the electro-pop scene, Sequin Sally are bucking the trend against pop acts alike. Synthesizers and shell-suits match their pared-down melodies and ethereal vocals that depict the tumultuous events life throws at us.

The band has already amassed a cult-like following around their local hunting ground of Manchester, selling out shows across the city. With their refined sound and established presence on the local music scene, you’d be forgiven for assuming they are well seasoned within the industry. Their first EPis all set to be realised in 2019, produced with label Uncommon Ground; it is a confident and well-positioned step into the professional music scene.

Ahead of their slot at our highly anticipated Free Vibes on Saturday 5th January at Band On The Wall, the newcomers selected their top tracks for an ultimate playlist with us:

sequin sally

Active Child – Hanging On

My ultimate favourite song. Sonic bliss.

Wild Nothing – Partners In Motion

I can’t stop listening to this at the moment, it’s that riff.

Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy

I owe a lot of myself to this song.

Britney Spears – Break The Ice

The pop slag in me can’t say no to a bit of mood boosting Britney.

Bicep – Glue

Sadness you can dance to, the vibe of my newer songwriting tbh.

Death In Vegas – Your Loft My Acid (Fearless Transhouse Single)

Not gonna lie I re-watched the entirety of Skins from the beginning and this song was in an episode and I’m obsessed.

Robyn – Honey

Robyn’s return with an album full of heartbreak to thumping beats was exactly what I needed this summer. Thanks for being the real MVP Robyn x

Depeche Mode – It’s No Good

Newer stuff I’ve been writing is more dark and moody, I feel like these lyrics are extremely relatable for me right now.

Tommy Genesis – 100 Bad (Charli XCX Remix)

I hate that I love this so much. I first heard it on the light up dance-floor of KIKI’s. Scatter my ashes on that dance-floor while this song plays when I’m dead and gone. I am trash.

Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas

BASICALLY thank you to this band for paving the way for my songwriting and sound. A perfect song that feels like a film. Timeless.

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Cousin Kula

Ultimate Playlist: Cousin Kula

Building a passionate fanbase in Bristol, Cousin Kula are a 6-piece on the rise. Blending psychedelic textures with slick pop vocals, lush synths and soaring guitars, their unique sound has gained them high profile support slots for Dutch Uncles & more. 

Frontman Elliot Ellison possesses an enviably unique vocal, a mix of Syd Arthur and Kevin Parker if you had to compare. Musically, they’re a band’s band; the juxtaposition of ‘happy-beats’ and moody lyrics call upon the tipping of one’s metaphorical music hat. With their recent traction in the UK music scene it is clear their name will establish itself amongst Bristol’s best.

We caught up with the upcoming act to discover their ultimate playlist of tracks that they adore:

Parcels – Hideout

We’ve been following this band closely since they released their first couple of tunes in 2016, and we’ve been really inspired by how fast they’ve grown in that time. This is a favourite of their EP, tight, funky and catchy – a great example of super precise pop writing.

Pixvae – La Fuga

This one was shown to us by our friend Ben Tunnicliffe, an excellent DJ (the artwork for his night in Cardiff is illustrated by our singer Elliot) and ex-bass player (he sold me his lovely P bass at the start of 2018). This song encapsulates our love for catchy and left-field sounds and is such a particularly unusual combination – Latin and hardcore.


It wasn’t until after writing our single ‘Jelly Love’ that we realised a similarity between the synth hook and the one in ‘Call Me Up’. It’s understandable though, Homeshake’s album Fresh Air was getting played a lot at the time so inevitably crept into what we were writing.  The spacious production of these tracks are awesome – it gives the hooky melodies and basslines so much room to speak.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Necessary Evil

The album Multi Love has been played a lot in the van on our way to shows, so no doubt has influenced our output. This tune, in particular, is such a well-made song and there’s something about the chord changes that really get me.

Khruangbin – Evan Finds the Third Room

Khruangbin are the masters of sitting on a groove – a good reminder that you don’t have to cram a load of stuff into a tune. Evan Finds the ‘Third Roomis’ a lesson in how effective sparse vocals can be. We were lucky enough to catch them play in Bristol at the start of 2018, it was an awesome gig.

Oro Swimming Hour – Marshmellow

This one’s from the band of our friend Oliver Wilde, also from Bristol. They’ve got that cosy, de-tuned lo-fi feel down to a tee. The tune’s a real earworm and a firm fave for the tour van.

Vels Trio – The Wad

These guys started out as a prog band, so we’ve obviously got a soft spot for ’em. This latest tune is a bonafide banger. London jazz with a G-Funk swagger. Deep groove, catchy melodies and wait for that bassline at the end, woo!

Al di Meola – Sequencer

This is one of our favourite ‘love to hate’ tunes. A prime example of musicians from the  60’s and 70’s losing their way a bit in the 80’s and writing some pretty awful music… but Al Di Meola is still a stone-cold badass!

BADBADNOTGOOD –  Time Moves Slow

We are big fans of their album IV, but this track, in particular, had a real influence on our writing around the time of its release. The whole vibe of this track, from the low eerie organ to the syncopated brushy drums and super round bass tone (not to mention the awesome vocal performance from Sam Herring of Future Islands), really won our affection and was a big reference point for the first verse of our song ‘Brain Abroad’. It’s not been released yet so you’ll have to see our show to see what we mean!

Methyl Ethel – Ubu

We first became aware of this band a couple of years ago when we almost supported them in Paris. The date didn’t come off in the end, but we ended up getting heavily into their music with this tune ‘Ubu’ being an absolute standout track. The arrangement of the tune is very clever – the main refrain gets reinvented throughout the track so it never gets old.

Like this sound of Cousin Kula? Final tickets for their Manchester date are limited and available here!

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Ultimate Aus Playlist: Skegss

Unless it’s the likes of Tame Impala or Jagwar Ma, we’re often sparring to hear word about music acts from the land of Aus. We managed to grab faithful contenders, garage rock trio Skegss to hear about the new discoveries that are working their way through the Australian music scene and (hopefully) over to our shores.

The threesome hail from Byron Bay, on the country’s South East coast and have ventured out on tour across Australia, America, Canada and Europe. Prior to the release of their album ‘MY OWN MESS’ in September 2018, the band had launched several extended plays and singles which have put them firmly on the map. Not ones to shy away from long nights and wild antics, they’ve got a youthful edge that sets them up as ones to watch in the surf lead scene. Check out who Skeggs say are also making waves from across the ocean.

Dumb Punts – Mad

We are on tour with them at the moment. About to play Dublin.

Pist Idiots – Princes

Insanely good band. They are from Revesby and are one of the most well-quenched bands around.

The Pinheads – Not Like You

They just got back from almost a year on hiatus and they were dearly missed. They just dropped a new song and ya gotta listen to it.

Scabz – Starting Line

They are the biggest legends ever we just finished a tour with ’em. They have a song about Brett Lee.

Israeli Chicks – I Love You Mum

Lovely Kiwi guys except Lew but I think he did live there for a year. They let us jam in their garage in Byron.

Camouflage Rose – Taste

We were on an island and Larry stayed in the pool for 4 hours with a smile on his face and then on the bus we were chanting his name.

Dune Rats – Ratbags

The day 1’s that have always supported us.

Totty – Uncomfortable

Max Kell and Chris. Chris is good to drink to toxic poison with.

Drunk Mums – Urban Cowboy

They just dropped Urban Cowboy. Best live band in Australia.

Gooch Palms – Marfa Lights

Basically the Australian Version of Gucci Mane. Need we say more?

White blanks – I Don’t Wanna (Die)


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Ultimate Playlist: Sunflower Bean

NYC power trio Sunflower Bean started as a duo by Jacob Faber and Nick Kliven back in 2013 with a name that combined each of their favourite things – sunflower seeds and coffee beans.  Joined by ex-member of the Supercute! duo Julia Cumming in 2014, the then threesome moved from Long Island to Brooklyn and submerged themselves in the areas thriving DIY scene.

Constant graft and dedication brought them through the scene and out on to the radar – showcased by their awarded title of ‘Most hard-working NYC band in 2014’. From there on out it’s been a non-stop run for Sunflower Bean, with support and headline slots alongside the likes of Wolf Alice, Pixies, Cherry Glazerr and so many more. 2015 brought the true initiation of their domination, with debut album ‘Human Ceremony’ which – despite none of the band members being of legal US drinking age at the time – soared the international charts and placed them firmly on the map, at such a fledgling stage.

Bringing us bang up to date and now with a second album ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ under their wings, in 2018 the triad have announced a new EP entitled ‘King Of The Dudes’ produced by Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charlie XCX, Angel Olsen) and due to be released on January 25th, 2019. To celebrate the announcement, the band have shared the first single from the record: ‘Come For Me’, which sees the band in a more menacing light than ever before.

Julia explains,This song was inspired by inner strength, power, and sexual freedom. In 2018 there is no time to waste and no time for shame. This song is a declaration of that. Do you really want to come for me? Do you really want to waste my time? The song is a dare, a threat, and a beckoning.”

We asked Nick to put together a list of his favourite tracks, check them out below.

Apocalypse – Cigarettes After Sex

I recently really got into Cigarettes After Sex and it took me a second to get on board but now that I’m on I can’t get off.

Licking an Orchid – Yves Tumor

We’ve all been super into the new Yves Tumor record since it came out. It sounds like the future.

Serve the Servants – Nirvana

For some reason we walked out to play a set to this song the other night and it reminded me that’s its low key the best Nirvana song.

Broccoli – DRAM

My younger brother turned me on to DRAM a little while ago, safe to say he’s got hooks for days.

Walking My Tears Across Manhattan – Lawrence Rothman

I love this song so much. Being from NYC I think we have all felt this at some point.

Ghost Town – Kanye West

I know Ye has not been on it as of late but he did make one the of my favourite songs of 2018…

Death or Glory – The Clash

Such a tune, just makes me want to punch a hole in the wall out of excitement.

But I’m Different – Les Rallizes Denudes

Was listening to this while we were in Japan last week, pretty perfect soundtrack for the trip.

Crawling Up The Stairs – Pure X

Been revisiting this record as of late and this song especially hits hard.

Humility – Gorillaz

I came to this band so late but I’m so glad I did.

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