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UPCOMING: FREE VIBES x MCR Live | 05.01.18


You read that right, we’ve got another Free Vibes for you! The monthly slot at Band On The Wall pulls together a host of talented new acts and sets them up on one of the city’s most renowned stages. Muses of the Manchester music scene often reign in and present collaborated versions of the gig including SabotageAmazing Radio and of course our good selves. Last time we hosted Honey Moon, URFÉcru and Saint Ivy, this time we’ve got a similarly eclectic set of acts for you.

With such a wide selection of talent across the country, it was nigh on impossible to narrow down the number of acts we had available to us – the choice was nowhere near easy! But our curated lineup sees a selection of artists that we’re sure will whet the appetites of many an attendee.

In the headline slot on Saturday 5th January are hometown Mama Racho, the recently formed quintet blends the folkloric rhythms of cumbia music with a modern twist of psychedelic electronica. Expect groovy percussion, trippy synths and a calamity of guitars for the peak of the evening at Band On The Wall. Also on the bill are dream pop-sters Sequin Sally. Sultry dream pop oozes from the single track that they’ve thus far presented, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll have in store for us when they return refreshed from their Christmas break.

Earlier on in the evening are the genre-fluid pioneers that are Yang (find out more about their ultimate influences, here). With an underground online presence as they’re still “newbies” on the scene, we’re looking forward to your thoughts on these but we can inform you that they’re similar to the likes of XX and TVAM  with visuals that are just as up to scratch.

Last but certainly not least are Manchester based garage-punk trio Bleach Body who make the kind of music that’ll “make you feel as if your bones are shattering and your mind is being blown”. These guys might just be the loudest trio in Manchester. Brutal. Eclectic enough? Sign up for your FREE tickets and we’ll see you at the door!

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