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Gig Review: The Van T’s @ Jimmy’s

Fresh from their appearance at The End Festival in London earlier this week, Glaswegian four-piece The Van T’s rocked Jimmy’s on Wednesday night, headlining an impressive and varied line-up that turned the evening’s entertainment into more of an event than a gig.

First on are quirky electro-pop duo and Manchester natives, Vide0, performing their first ever hometown gig. They make an astounding amount of noise for just two people, two voices beautifully combining sometimes moody lyrics over pounding basslines that thump in your chest. Casually swapping instruments part way through their set, Vide0 are funky and fun with their own unique, 80’s inspired aesthetic.

The night takes a turn with Serratone on next. Heavier, harder, faster. Think old school rock and roll. No tricks, no gimmicks, nothing complicated. Just straight up music. Influenced by Rage Against The Machine, their set is dark, gritty and grungy in a very Kurt Cobain kind of way, yet full of energy and passion. Straightforward rock music, done right.

Following their The Only One tour, TAMSYN’s set is their second time performing in Manchester this month. Dressed head to toe in black, in a uniform of customised leather jackets and skinny jeans, they ooze Alex Turner-esque style. Their ‘too cool’ look gives way to surprisingly heartfelt and often romantic lyrics. Bleached blonde frontman Alexander Anton looks as though he was born to be on the stage, as he casually saunters into the audience, playing his bass so effortlessly he looks as though he could do it in his sleep. They’ve perfectly balanced pop and indie rock to create something accessible to fans of both, with their own unique twist that gives them a distinctive sound.

From the minute The Van T’s walk out on stage, they absolutely own it and fill Jimmy’s with their presence. Led by the Van Thompson twins Chloe and Hannah on guitar and vocals, with Joanne Forbes on bass and Shaun Hood completing the quartet on drums, The Van T’s combine sugar sweet vocals with surf-rock riffs. Their gentle Glaswegian accents give way to powerful, beautifully harmonised vocals and their grungy, garage sound bursts with attitude throughout their set.

It’s easy to see why they’ve had such a breakthrough lately; being featured on BBC Radio Introducing as well as Spotify’s ‘Hot New Bands’ playlist, they’re making waves throughout the UK and beyond, and are surely on their way to something big. Their raucous, rough around the edges sound is lively, loud and full of energy. Wavy, shoegaze elements are woven in among the heavier riffs and, based on their sound and glittery, glam rock look, it’s hard to believe they didn’t time-travel into Jimmy’s straight from the 90’s.

Their latest single Bittersweet, released last month on LAB Records, is a head banging highlight of the night, with a massive chorus you’d be hard pressed not to sing along to. For fans of Wolf Alice, who they recently supported on tour, The Van T’s are not to be missed.