TRACK RELEASE: Lucy Rose – ‘Conversation’


‘Conversation’ is the first single to be released on Lucy Rose’s upcoming forth LP, ‘No Words Left’, due to be released later this year. It’s been 7 years since her first album and the days of doing backing vocals for Bombay Bicycle ClubLucy Rose was the twee, pixie-like singer, in her 20’s. She’s now a married woman in her 30’s – and the maturity shows.

It’s not just musically that her sound has developed, her vocals are definitely more assured, but still in the classic Rose understated way. There’s a lightness to her voice that has carried through her previous albums but it doesn’t get lost in the instrumentation. It blends and moves perfectly with the music.

As with every song she writes, the lyrics tell a story. Not obvious enough to sound cliché but not abstract enough that we can’t tell what she’s singing about. It seems to depict a failing relationship, one that needs time and dedication as she battles with conflicting emotions, she sings; “No-one loves me quite like you do/But no-one lets me down like you do.” The string section adds an extra layer of emotion and takes the song up a notch.

She’s always drawn comparisons to Laura Marling but I think the darker edge to this new single makes that comparison even more solid and less of a cop out just because they’re both women with acoustic guitars. Having said that, it does not mean the two are entirely indiscernible- Lucy has spent years forging a sound for herself and we are excited to see what else lies on this fourth album. A more mature sound and perhaps taking influence from her extensive travels as she is known to tour the lesser explored countries, and perhaps this will have an impact on her new music.

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