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Ultimate Playlist: False Heads

Garnering a growing reputation as one of the UK͛s brightest young exports of 2018, False Heads have just released their biggest package yet; a four-track EP for once proving that actually, Less Is Better! Hailing down in East-London (listen to them and you’d be hard pressed to think they could come from anywhere else), it͛s taken only two years for False Heads to receive support from the likes of punk legend Iggy Pop, who said that ‘they are young, talented and going places’, dropping their tracks in many of his prestigious 6 Music shows. Impressive, no?

But how have the band gone from playing to empty rooms in 2016 to supporting the likes of The Libertines, to Band of Skulls & Josh Homme, in the space of just two years? Having an impressive array of recorded music is just one aspect in which makes a band successful. Presence, persistence and maintaining punchy passionate performance one after another seems to be the basis of False Heads’ winning punk-rock formula. With a blistering set at this year’s Liverpool Sound City, it hasn’t taken long for news to spread about False Heads regular performances with many whispers from publications to punters penning the young band as one of the best live bands about at the moment.

A common theme in the punk-genre, False Heads often use their music & growing popularity to highlight their opinions on aspects that affect us all; socialism, the media and politics. They aren’t afraid to tell you about it, as lead-single ‘Yellow’ showcases delivering with a sound that comes at you in a way that you are almost unprepared for, thanks to lulling you with it’s laidback verses before a characteristically punchy chorus.

On the EP, growling frontman Luke Griffiths has said that “Less is Better͛ lyrically is slightly more personal, but it also covers [our] views of social media, censorship and authoritarianism.”  With a blurring line between the actions in online worlds, those in reality, and personal relationships blurred to the band it is a “worrying thing” as it is easier to create “a divide” between so many that might not have been present before (especially on factors like politics).

False Heads also explore the idea that individualism is dying out, making everyone “desperate to be part of a group, and then appease that group by any means necessary, even if that means not expressing your own opinion.” With a bloody huge ethos promoting that people “need to stand up for what they believe in”, we asked False Heads to put together their Ultimate Playlist of tracks which have influenced the new EP Less Is Better. CHECK IT.


false heads playlist

Guerrilla Radio – Rage Against The Machine

The fucking power behind this song influenced a lot of the sound of the riffs but also in particular ‘Wrap Up’ – that was like putting this song in a blender and then putting it back together. The power in that song had a big influence on ‘Wrap Up.’ Rage Against The Machine are probably quite a big influence on the EP. 

The Bends – Radiohead

‘Help Yourself’ started as a bit of a nod to this and then turned into its own thing. The song and the album in general actually. Radiohead was a first love of mine and I recently revisited it. ‘Help Yourself’ started out as a bit of a play on that, the opening chords anyway.

Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis

Firstly, we aren’t just saying this to pander to Manchester crowds haha – this didn’t really have an influence on the sound but on ‘Help Yourself’ we wanted a big soaring chorus that exploded, probably because we were listening to a lot of Oasis at the time.

Micro Cuts – Muse

The middle breakdown in ‘Yellow’ always reminds me of those mental breakdowns in early (and good) Muse, we wanted a mental out of nowhere, chaotic, almost robotic breakdown and also the production on early Muse fits that well. A lot of John Leckie popping up….

Bottle Up and Explode – Elliot Smith

I could have picked almost any Elliott Smith song but this one in particular, the imagery he creates in his lyrics is just beautiful. ‘Retina’s lyrics are full of images and Elliott Smith has an influence on that. 

Say It Aint So – Weezer

The general vibe of the song formed the up and downyness (if that’s a word) of ‘Help Yourself.’ Really catchy and weird little quirky verses.

Yellow – Coldplay

We stole the title.

Wait For The Others – Grizzly Bear

The chorus of this track is a nice little indicator of something we’ve built into our sound. In a lot of choruses I’m singing very aggressively and Barney is doing something very melodic and high over the top, it’s almost duelling with each other.

The House Is A Circus – Arctic Monkeys

The really driving rhythm section of the verses lets the noodley guitar do its own thing and gives the vocals space to be free – this was something reflected in ‘Yellow.’

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

Always an influence for the harmonies and oooooohs, especially on ‘Yellow’ and ‘Help Yourself.’

False Heads play Jimmy’s on Friday 28th of September and tickets have SOLD OUT! But keep an eye on them here, and make sure to check out their new EP!