ULTIMATE PLAYLIST: International Teachers of Pop


For an act that only started out of a chance back in January 2018, International Teachers of Pop have stormed the scene with supporting slot alongside legends, Jarvis Cocker and Roisin Murphy. With members from Eccentronic Research Council, The Moonlandingz and The Soundcarriers, there was never any doubt that when the three core members Adrian, Dean and Leonore united for ITOP that they would be anything short of phenomenal.

Their credibility shines through with their latest single ‘After Dark’ including a music video with award winning actress and ITOP fan, Maxine Peake.  ”Maxine is a long time collaborator with my other project, Eccentronic Research Council, so when ever I want someone to purge the daft ideas in my head and give them some kind of fuzzy artistic logic I always call on my bestest pal, Maxine. She’s the Klaus Kinski to my Werner Herzog. And although our video making budget only stretches to getting props and catering from B & M Bargains, I think we make it work for us, we always manage to pull the ship over the mountain!” Says Adrian.

On Saturday 27th October the collective finally play their first headline set at Salford’s The White Hotel, presented by local promoter Interior and supported by Londoners Los Bitchos. Ahead of the night, we managed to steal the group away and find out what their ultimate playlist would consist of if they were to pull it together. Be prepared, this class act don’t mince their words and are sticklers for a pure, out-and-out disco banger. Here we go:

Adrian Flanagan: Blame it on the Muzick – J.J. FAD

“This Dr Dre produced – electro rap party starter ticks all the boxes for me: 808 beats, pumping bass, sweet synth riffs, sarcasm, silliness. You can literally feel the sweat on the wall of the basement!”

Dean Honer: Hard Times – The League Unlimited Orchestra

“Sheffield Synthetic DNA – fantastic cut up dub mix by the genius that was Martin Rushent. Amazing what can be done with scissors and sellotape.”

Leonore Wheatley : A Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix) – Antena

“I only came across these last year but this album is a party dominator. Simple, French vocals and a melody that just builds and builds with the addition of Balearic beats and harmonies. Another cocktail please barkeep!”

Adrian Flanagan: Who killed the Chicken – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

“For me, Scratch is the last of the true greats, an innovator, a scientist – a God in life form and bat shit bonkers. Long may he be the toaster with the most and the lord of the dub!”

Dean Honer: Give Me Back My Man – The B52s from Party Mix album.

“Keeping the the two girl theme going, this 7 minute party mix is ace. I love Cindy Wilsons voice especially when she sings about fish and candy.”

Leonore Wheatley: I Would Die 4 U – Prince

“I’m not going to try and go for the most obscure Prince track and sift through his back catalogue. ‘Purple Rain’ has and will always have the biggest influence on me. I would make up endless dance routines to this album, especially ‘I Would Die 4 U’. My Mum being a professional dancer, I tried my hardest to emulate her, so these ‘choreographies’ would obviously be stadium-worthy in my imagination. I remember seeing him when he played in Manchester a few years ago, I was 13 from the front (a rough estimate) in the middle of the stage and when he played this I was in that music video I created 20 years before.”

Adrian Flanagan: Miraculous Weekend – Peter Ivers

“It’s wrong on so many levels this song but it’s just so beautifully lovely. Peter Ivers’ life ended in tragedy when he was bludgeoned to death with a hammer as he slept. I like those kind of juxtapositions where you have a song so positive and almost naive but with a back story that is totally sinister!”

Dean Honer: From Here To Eternity – Giorgio Moroder

“We use quite a lot of 16th note sequences on the ITOP recordings. Moroder was the king prawn at that game. ‘I Feel Love’ is the greatest disco record ever created. But I chose this from his canon of bangers (as the kids say), because I like the vocoders and his sexy vocals.”

Leonore Wheatley: Love Like This Before – Faith Evans

“This has been doing the rounds a lot recently, it’s following me about. As I was a teenager in the 90’s, 90’s RnB was obviously going to show its face. All the backing vocals, she’s mingling all over the place, that iconic bass line. I’m putting it on again, hang on.”

Adrian Flanagan: Disco Clone – Christina

“A high camp disco classic. Your hard earned night out should be filled with total abandon, otherwise what is the point of putting up with a ‘stickleback twat’ of a boss all week? I’m literally dancing around in a rah rah skirt, doing a helicopter with my penis when this track comes on, albeit – in my head in a dark corner of the club!”

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