puma blue


i-D have likened him to “combining J Dilla grooves with laconic vocals…it’s dark and sexy, the sound of London on those nights when everything feels a certain shade of (puma) blue”, Dummy magazine and Evening Standard think this guy is really “going places this year”, “tipped for big things in 2018” and DIY think that Puma Blue – aka Jacob Allen – “might have the most singular pipes of them all.” We respect every one of these statements.

Puma Blue is suburban soul at it’s finest – with fashionably slacker King Krule vibes a-plenty, his music is dreamlike yet incredibly accessible. Hazy and unconstrained, Puma Blue makes incredibly free-flowing, natural sounds that make you feel as if you’re on an all-night bender – tip toeing that state between reality and the surreal, the limbo of a dream. With an immediate buzz following a self-released demo with fans by way of Jamz Supernova and Gilles Peterson & having supported artists including Jordan Rakai, Mr Jukes, Nilüfer Yanya and Nick Hakim there’s no doubt in our mind that this guy is going to be someone to have a firm eye on in 2018.

We love to find out what people are listening to because we feel that it says a lot about a person whilst hinting at sounds you might have heard in their music, yet not associate to an artist. We asked Puma Blue to put together a collection of his favourite tracks in order to find out a little more about the mysterious and incredibly exciting up-comer. From Burial to Björk he has everything here – and in regard to why he had chosen this selection, all Jacob had to say was ‘no reason other than that they’re all songs that I love’ and we promise it’s an eclectic selection – you can find them all below!


puma blue