Ultimate Playlist: The Lovely Eggs

Forget the Chinese zodiac, 2018 was the year of the Egg. With both the release of their fifth album ‘This Is Eggland’ to rave reviews from the likes of BBC 6Music & The Independent and key slots at major festivals up and down the country, The Lovely Eggs have had their biggest year yet.

Proudly unsigned and unmanaged, The Lovely Eggs are constantly continuing the exciting wave the year has brought, which hasn’t remotely stopped. The duo who recently completed an extensive autumn tour – reaching Dundee to Southampton and everywhere in between – including their biggest London show yet at prestigious venue The Scala. With numerous plays from punk-legend – and self-proclaimed fan Iggy Pop who likes ‘everything’ he has heard by the polished psych-punkers; it’s all a pretty impressive feat for a wholly independent band, no?

Having had such a blistering year, we reached out to the band to ask them to pull us together 10 tracks which make their Ultimate Playlist right now. From exciting new bands like Mr Ben & The Bens to some truly established punk-rock in form of Thee Oh Sees, this mix is anything but tame.

lovely eggs

Mush – Alternative Facts

This is pretty much one of the best songs we have heard in the last year. It was released last year on the Too Pure Singles Club. Must have been one of their last releases before Paul Riddlesworth set up his new label Dipped in Gold. You just can’t argue with it. It’s a tune. We loved it so much we invited them on tour with us and they’ll be playing with us at our upcoming gigs in Newcastle and Manchester on the 9th and 10th of November.

Wand – Self Hypnosis in 3 Days

Keep coming back to Wand and in particular this album. It is so heavy and psychedelic and poppy, it’s just perfect. This track is an absolute minter! If you’ve not heard this album Golem you seriously need to check it out.

Mr Ben and the Bens – The Bluest Blues

Here’s another band we’ve taken on tour with us just cos we like ’em and wanted to give ’em a chance to play in places and to audiences they’ve never played to before. It worked because everybody loved them. They are mates of ours from Lancaster. This is a great tune of theirs. Pure Lancaster and Morecambe District pop!

Thee Oh Sees – Animated Violence

We love the Oh Sees. Fuck me they get through so many albums! This tune is off Orc which they released last year. They’ve already put another one out since then!! Unbelievable! Their sound is just great. So good. So heavy. And they’re a great example of no-nonsense DIY punk rock. They set up all their own gear on stage, there’s no bullshit. It’s just pure hands-on hard work. Respect.

Sleaford Mods – TCR

We love this tune and now we always play it after our last song really loud when we come off stage to make it loud and clear that we will not be doing a fucking encore!! Sleaford Mods are a proper band. They’re real. We love em.

Xylouris White – Pulling the Bricks

Saw these at Greenman Festival. Never come across them before. They pulled me in so much, I had to totally stop what I was doing, leave my friends and go and watch them. Not many bands do that to me but this was one of them. We’re big fans of eastern music and psychedelia and jazz and for me, this had all of those elements. It was like nothing I had heard before. You don’t get that much.

Ill – Stuck on a Loop

Here’s another band that we invited on tour with us cos we wanted to see em live! They were great and was ace getting to see them every night. It’s always ace touring with women in bands. We need more bands like them to inspire future generations of hard ass punk rock women!

Beak> – Brean Down

Another of those ones that you hear and you stop and go “tell me what the fuck that is right NOW!”. Love everything we hear by these.

Parquet Courts – Nearly Had to Start a Fight/ In and Out of Patience

One of our songs of the year is this. Just such great energy. Just love it when we hear stuff on the radio and go “what the fuck was that” and this was one of those times. Also love the segue-way into the next song In and Out of Patience. Just very cool.

Cattle – Tanking the Piss

Cattle are a great band from Leeds. We’ve banged on about them before. We’ll bang on about them again cos yeah they are that fucking good. They blew us away a few years ago when we saw em playing around a fire pit in the woods. There were two drummers playing opposite each other in this stone circle and there were smoke and flames going everywhere. It felt like a punk rock satanic ritual. We loved it! Naturally.

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