Glasgow quintet Walt Disco are a heady mix of ’80s-esque new-wave set against an darkened indie-pop backdrop. Fronted by bassist and vocalist James Potter – whose unabashed and unpredictable performance is the audience-catcher in this show – Walt Disco are made up by drummer Calum Kennedy, guitarists Dave Morgan & Lewis Carmichael with the newest addition Finlay McCarthy providing bass. As an act, Walt Disco have played with 77:78The Ninth Wave, Neon WaltzSports Team, The Parrots, Boy Azooga, Starcrawler and Her’s – to name but a few. An impressive array for such a young band who only seem to be picking up more acclaim with each release – latest offering ‘My Pop Sensibilities’ being a clear example of this.

Walt Disco‘s aesthetic is yet another strength, having picked up plenty of praise recently with frontman James taking to the runway for esteemed fashion house Celine – hand-picked by the brand’s newly appointed Creative Director Hedi Slimane. Whether it’s their music or their fashion, Walt Disco are a clear standalone band bringing more than a breath of fresh air. With this knockout start to 2019, the band now present us with new track ‘My Pop Sensibilities’, starting as they mean to go on.

In light of the new release, (and perhaps the direction the exciting band are going in?), Walt Disco have put together a list of tracks built around the music the 5-piece were listening to in the studio when recording ‘My Pop Sensibilities’. With the vigour of Nine Inch Nails and style of Freddie Mercury (a la Queen), it’s a heavy punk/indie pop mash-up that is sure to get your head jerking. Read on below.

Love Of My Life – Queen

This is a moment I’ll never forget. After wrapping up an intense 16-hour session of tracking at the studio in London, we all listened to this song at 5 am and were stunned into silence. We all love Queen but this was such a particularly special moment!

The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails

When we had one of our first mixes back of the track, we loved how much the choruses just grated like Nine Inch Nail’s choruses do.

A Matter Of Gender – The Associates

The bass tone on this track is so so good. And Billy McKenzie’s vocals as always are just sublime.

Promised You A Miracle – Simple Minds

These early Simple Minds tracks made us fall in love with Moog synthesisers, and they feature all across Pop Sensibilities.

Image Craft – Crack Cloud

A group that we and our producer Chris McCrory love, we listened to a lot of Crack Cloud in the studio.

Kool Thing – Sonic Youth

Our guitarist Lewis loves Sonic Youth, and they’re a big inspiration for the guitar tones we use.

Fifty-Five Clown – Cocteau Twins

Another Scottish group we played a lot in whilst in the studio, I love how they just have nonsense lyrics that aren’t sometimes aren’t even real words.

Frederick – Patti Smith

Patti is the queen.

Unconscious Melody – Preoccupations

Another band we listened to a lot whilst in the studio! The guitars on this are so good.

Faux Fox – Total Leatherette

The coolest band. Everyone should listen!

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