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Ultimate Playlist: Yang



Yang are a genre-fluid duo from Manchester formed, not so long ago, on Halloween 2017. Haven’t heard of them yet? Don’t worry – you’re about to. Though they might have been making music behind-the-scenes for a little over a year, the faces behind the electronic project – Oliver Duffy and Davey Moore – are set to embark on their debut gig at January 5th’s Free Vibes event, as hosted by ourselves at Manchester-favourite venue Band on The Wall.

Honing their live performance for months, Yang are unequivocally original. Following in the footsteps of the local-leader TVAM, from the distorted vocal samples to the extensive sonic-soundscapes and pounding hypnotic beats, listening to Yang is almost trance-like. Topped with the duo’s highly-aesthetic visuals (seriously! – tumblr, what?), for such a young band Yang are polished. Live, we hope these visuals also come in to play… but we guess that’s all to play for. But what we do know is that Yang will be bringing a live hardware show with hard-hitting synths and dreamy soundscapes sure to catch your ears.

Need more? We asked Yang to put together their ‘Ultimate Playlist’ to give you a taste of what you can expect on the night. Check it out below!

Tickets for Yang’s debut gig are free & limited. Sign up for them whilst you can, here.


Oliver’s picks:

Kelly Lee Owens – Throwing Lines

Oliver Duffy: Kelly was the first artist we looked to for inspiration; we had no idea what we were going to sound like when we first decided to make music together and Davey had just seen Kelly support Mount Kimble. He suggested that we use her album as reference for the type of stuff we should make which was a great move as we made Yangtape2 straight after.

Ian Pooley – Chord Memory (Daft Punk Remix)

OD: This is one of my go-to tracks for a DJ set, the chords are amazing and it sums up Homework-era Daft Punk pretty much. Daft Punk are my favourite electronic-based artist of all time. I’m obsessed with them so I had to include them in this playlist in some capacity!

Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush

OD: The tempo changes in this song are WEST. Our lecturer plays this song in Uni all the time and it’s great, the album is awesome. I know it inspired Twin Complex a lot, who did a sick remix of Yangtape2.

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

OD: I fucking love Justice, and this one is off my favourite album of theirs. Their live show is actually ridiculous, it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed. I hope one day Yang can be as musically intelligent as Justice are – they fully set the bar for what an electronic live show should be.

AWAYteam – Motown Funk

OD: It’s absolutely criminal that this band didn’t go further than they did… they’re not even on fucking Spotify. Like ‘Chord Memory’, this song is one of my favourites to play in a DJ set. One half of this duo, Ian Davenport, produced my old band’s single and did a sick job. Ian has done some great stuff, and this tune is right up there with the best stuff he has done, some of my favourite ever music.

Davey’s picks:

Mount Kimbie – Delta 

Davey Moore: Mount Kimbie have solidified themselves as one of my favourite artists of 2018. Silky melodies, lush chords and interesting production. Perfection, really.

OD: The song they did with King Krule is fucking great.

John Maus – Just Wait Til Next Year

DM: John Maus, what can I say. He makes me feel okay with the fact that I’m weird. To release an album filled with 80s synth sounds, weird lyrics and a lo-fi production is genius; love him.

Kelly Lee Owen – Evolution

DM: Kelly, Kelly, Kelly – an incredibly talented and intelligent woman has finally taken centre stage in dance music. Well, she has in my eyes. I haven’t heard a bad song yet.

Jamie XX – Sleep Sound

DM: Jamie xx is the reason I am here, making the music I do. His production techniques, paired with incredible sampling skills, and all the rest just… well, they just do things to me.

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

OD: Large.

DM: Everybody loves the bloody sunshine, they do, and I’m sure you’ll love this song too. It’s just a banger, an utter banger. I love it, I love you, I love music. Peace.

OD: Thanks for this, hope we guided you on your musical journey.

REMEMBER – Tickets for Yang’s debut gig are free & limited. Sign up for them whilst you can, here.