UPCOMING: Dexys Midnight Runners’ Kevin Rowland
@ Night & Day


Fast becoming legendary on the Mancunian nightclub scene, Let’s Make This Precious has seen a roster of talent provide DJ support for the night. Including the likes of Cabbage, The Orielles and the man himself Kevin Rowland of Dexys Midnight Runners – the original team behind illustrious track ‘Come On Eileen’. Never one to shy from a stage, Rowland is making another appearance for LMTP on Friday 7th September at Northern Quarter’s Night & Day Cafe.

Besides the obvious headline character, this isn’t just any standard DJ set. Kevin steps out of the box from your regular, modern Spotify-playlist DJs and sings the vocals of the tracks that he plays. If his last set at the club night is anything to go by, the man of the hour will likely be front and centre on the stage of Night & Day, eager to please his audience.

After their glory days, Dexys made a return in 2016 with hit album ‘Let the Record Show’. Let The Record Show: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul is a project that Rowland says he wanted to do in 1984, but the band unfortunately split before he got the chance. It’s a collection of Irish songs that have been reimagined alongside other ‘selected compositions’ that the band have chosen. The group, which now comprises of Kevin Rowland, Lucy Morgan and Sean Read, have gone to great lengths to explain that the album is not a stop gap. It is to be considered alongside the rest of the band’s material; as a new chapter added to their cannon.

Expect a fanfare, disco ball and soul-filled evening, taking Night & Day into the forefront of your Friday evening plans. Dexys days are never over and disco never sleeps.

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